Tuesday, June 19, 2012


It's already nearly 2 weeks since I'm back from vacation.
I wanted to blog about it already last week but the side effects from the second chemo kept me busy (and the picknick quilt I was working on...but more about that later that week).

My vacation started on the 3th june when mr. artistic drove all the way to Dresden to meet up with my dad. He just came back from my cousins wedding (I didn't go because my 90 years old grandpa doesn't know about my health and my dad said it's better not seeing him without any hair) and it was is birthday as well.
My sis dropped him off at a restaurant and mr. artistic and I picked him up and we went to our holiday home.

Our holiday home is the old family house of a friend of my dad. Bärbel is always so kind to let us stay for free in a lovely home every summer.
It's an awesome little house and Bärbel and her boys did a great job renovating it.
It has a lovely little garden with apple trees and the best thing it's only a 30 minutes tram ride to the great center of Dresden.

Sadly we had only 4 days since my second chemo was sheduled for friday but we did the best to enjoy every day we had. The weather wasn't that great and mostly it was cold and rainy.

Gladly I know Dresden very well since my granbdparents live just around the corner in a small village. I used to spent a week each summer with them when I was younger so we went several times to Dresden as well.
Mr. artistic visted Dresden the first time so it was a pitty that the sun wasn't shining that much.

My dad and I tryed to squeeze as much as we could in the few days we had to show my hubby the loveliest places in Dresden. We went to the museum to see to visit the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister.

Of course there was some shopping in my fave area in Dresden (Neustadt) as well.
Dresden Neustadt is a district where lots of young people live. It's full of small little shops and there lots of lovely little places to sit down and have a coffee.

Durring our stay in Dresden we met with Dieter an old school friend of my dad. Dieter and my dad came up with the idea to hike a little bit near our holiday home.

We went to visit an old mill and had a beer (of course because we are german ^____^).
It was raining like crazy when we arrived at the old mill but we didn't care and enjoyed our good cold beer.


  1. What a wonderful time you had!!! I can't wait to catch my holiday time, even when I'm not going outside Spain. I wish I could make such an interesting trip as yours :3

  2. The photos are amazing - make me want to travel - i am going to Melbourne tomorrow which is a lovely city but no where near as beautiful - hope you are managing the chemo - you must be about half way -

  3. Ich bin mir ziemlich sicher, dass wir während eines wunderbaren Dresden-Urlaubes in der Neustadt Suppe gegessen haben. Ich mag es, im Urlaub fernab der Sehenswürdigkeiten herumzulaufen.
    Viele Grüße

  4. Great photos!! I visited Dresden last summer, it was a really short visit but I really enjoyed it, it is a very beautiful city with lots of architecture worth visiting :) Hope your are fine :)

    Consuelo aka Barbarella on Flickr