Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A picknick quilt

Today I'm able to show my newest quilt. I finished this baby two days ago when I stayed at my parents laws home.
I really can't believe that I finished my first big quilt in such a short time.

I planed to make a picknick quilt when I discovered that fabricshack had "Just wing it" from moda on sale.
They didn't have the entire collection anymore but enough different fabrics to make a bright and cheerfull quilt for me and mr. artistic.
I ordered 1/2 yard from all the fabric they had in stock from that collection and when the fabric arrvived I knew it was a great deal.
The patterns are awesome and I love the bright colors.

My first thought was a simple quilt made from 12.5 fabric squares. But this seemed to easy to me so I decided to add some fun little blocks.
As always I look for patterns at quilterscache because they share lots of lovely and easy quilt blocks for free.

I started the quilt the night bevore mr. artistic and I left for our vacation. I worked fromm 11pm till 3 am and I just went to bed because I had to get up early the next morning because I needed to pack all our stuff.
This project waited a few days and I started working on it again a few days after the second chemo.

When  mr. artistic left for a long weekend at his parents home I took my sewing machine and my fabrics with me. My plan was to finish this quilt in 2 days. Because I wasn't feeling well I had to skip thursday but since friday last week I was working on this baby again.
My parents in law have a big home so I had lots of space to lay out all the pieces. In mr. artistics and my home I wouldn't be able to lay out all these blocks so I really enjoyed playing with blocks and different fabrics.

I added some kona solids to have a few more bright fabrics.
I quilted this baby free motion. And I have to admit that I'm sooo very proud that I quilted this 72 x 84 quilt free motion.
I already tryed free motion quilting on small projects but when I tryed my luck on bigger pieces I always failed. Because this quilt was to big to quilt in the shadows I tryed my luck with free motion quilting again and it worked wonders.
I always thought that it was my fault that it wasn't working but now I know it better.
It's just because of my small sewing table. The quilts I tryed to quilt free motion before where always to big and heavy so they kept falling from the table. At my parents in laws home I used the big dining table and it worked so easily.
So everyone who thought that free motion quiliting isn't working because of their skills should try their luck on a bigger table.
Believe me.
It's easy when you have a really really large table.

For the backing I used two old ikea prints (from 2006 when I was in sewing clothes) and only a few bigger pieces from "Just wing it" since the quilt will be laying on the grass and it's getting dirty. When I planed the quilt I bought 2, 5 yards of the pink flowers from "Just wing it" for the backing but as always it's wasn't enough left for the backing.
I really need to work on my math skills when it comes to quilting.
 I never have enough fabrics for the backing but I'm making to much binding :)

Originally I wanted to make the binding from scraps but since the pink flower fabric wasn't enough for the backing I decided to make the complete binding from the same fabric. When I cutted the stripes for the binding I wasn't paying attention to the lenght of the quilt and made to much binding.
I think I can't bind another quilt with the left over

For the batting I used some really cheap one which I bought last year. it was very fluffy and really hard to sew. But this time it was working great and I didn't have any problems while I quilted this baby.

This is the simple but cute label design. If you are follwing my blog you might be wondering because there are missing two quilts . The #4 and #5 are already finished since a few months but I totally forgot to blog about these.
I will show these later.

I made this quilt in only 5 working days.
It's 72 x 84 and I used mostly "Just wing it" from moda and some kona solids.
The backing is from ikea fabrics and some left overs from the quilt top.
The binding is from "Just wing it" too.
I quiltind this quilt free motion and I'm very

Now I hope that the german summer will come back that mr. artistic and I can use the quilt outside.
Untill this day it's keeping us warm in our bed .


  1. Wow! It looks so great. I love all of the bright, cheerful colours.

  2. Wonderful!!!!!
    So cool and bright ... and your free motion is great!!!
    I'm agree with you ... a large table make the difference ^__^
    Here in Trieste (Italy) is really hot today and this week ... I hope the weather in a hot mood moves to Germany so you can have a fantastic picnic with mr.Artistic ^__^

  3. Quiltest Du eigentlich auch mit Handschuhen? Ich habe letztens ganz günstig schmal sitzende, gummierte Gartenhandschuhe gekauft und es macht wirklich einen Unterschied. Man kann den Stoff viel besser bewegen.

    Do you use quilting gloves? I bought some garden gloves and they work really great.

  4. thankies everyone <3

    @ waldmeisterin: yeah I'm using quilting gloves. I bought mine from because they are much cheaper than buying here in germany ;)
    Without quilting gloves it's impossible for me to quilt a big quilt :)

  5. What a lovely bright quilt, with great free motion quilting, you've done a great job,