Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A quick project

Between all the quilts I'm working on I still have time for some small projects.

My handbag is always a mess. As I told you two days ago my bag has only one inner pocket so it's hard to sort my stuff inside the bag.
The charger and my headphones where always a mess with tons of little knots.
It always took my ages to tackle the mess.

I was in need for a little bag to store the chargere and the headphones so I drafted a quick pattern for a small bag.
The good thing in small projects you can use tiny scraps and left over binding.

This time I used the some mushroom scraps which were a gift from Katha and left over binding from my vintage table runner.

It'a a quick and easy quilt project and the best thing no cable tangle in my bag anymore.

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