Monday, June 25, 2012

a simple bag

Sometimes avery simple bag can turn into your fave accessory.

I got this simple bag for free a few years ago when I bought a bag from skunfunk.
I rarely used the bag I bought so I passed it to my little sis.

When my older sis was here for a visit a few weeks ago we discovered the simple grey bag in my stash and I completly fall in love .

The large handle is perfect to have you hands free for taking pics or eating ice cream.
The grey goes perfect with nearly every outfit and the print is so so cool.

The only thing which bothers me a lot was the reason that there was no seperate pocket to hide things.
The bag is completly open so very easy for thieves to take out my money.

Because it's no problem to make a lining I searched in my stash for a simple but cute lining. I was looking for sth. bright grren but sadly I didn't have anything matching fabrics in stash.

So I went with a whithe fabric with some brown and green print.
I added a a little zipper pocket to hide my money and mobile phone and used a matching green silk thread to add the lining to the bag.

I'm using this bag every day now and I still love it.

This weeked I started a nnew project. I choose some nautical fabrics from my stash which are waiting in my cupboard since many years already.
This project is already done and I will show it to you later this week (need mr. artistic to take pics of it.

Can you guess what this is going to be ?!

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