Thursday, June 28, 2012

duffle bag

Do you remember the sneak peak ?!

I'm finally ready to talk about the finished project.
I'm not sure if anybody tryed to guess but I turned this little quilt sandwish into this awesome duffle bag.

I always wanted a really big bg for the weekend trips and I was thinking about the perfect pattern.
My first choice was the weekender from Amy Butler. But I'm a little bit afraid that I'm not able to manage all the layers of batting and I will definetly have hard time finding all the batting in germany. Most shops don't sell the batting which you need to give the bag the stable look.

So I discovered the duffle bag from Jeni's post. I loved the look of the bag and it seemed not to hard to sew.
So I bought the pattern from Studio Cherie and started to look for some fabrics in my stash. Sadly I don't have to many bigger pieces of fabric so I had to piece some of them.

I really wanted to use the stuff I had on hand and went with the nautical theme. The fabrics are already 5 years old so why not finally use them for a fun and useful project ?!

Sadly I didn't have enough fabrics so I had to order the blue dotted linen for sides of the bag and the jute webbing as well.
I had really hard times finding the webbing so I had to buy it from etsy. It was the most expensive spending for the bag. I think I paid around 30 € for the jute plus shipping.
I think I washed the jute 15 times and it was still bleeding like crazy. I tryed different stuff like vinegar or different types of detergent but nothing seemed to help.
At the end I let the jute "bleed" for 4 days in a bucket with chlorine.

 The zippers are from my stash of zippers so no need to spend any money on that. It's not the perfect match because the big zipper ist dark green but you won't notice from far away.

The pattern is fun and easy. You work with squares which makes the cutting and sewing pretty easy. 
I made a little mistake with the pleats of the zipper pocket but you won't notice if you don't know the pattern.

For the lining I was able to use some fabrics in my stash as well. I found this fun hawaii print in a box with fabrics which I still have from clothes sewing. 

I still have another one which I tryed to turn into a Tova tunika but I look like a cleaner in that dress. The blue color of the fabric with a hint of pink makes it look like a apron dress. Not very attractive
Maybe I will show it on my blog.


  1. Hello Isa,

    You are such a talented sewer! That duffle bag looks awesome! And I love your choice of fabrics! Well done!

    Sometimes a silent lurker,
    U S A

  2. quite the incredible bag, can't help but wonder what girls are going with you? Have a fantastic time! Wish I was meeting you there this year, but another time. Enjoy!!!

  3. Cute Bag! I really like the things you make. Do you have a tutorial for putting the zipper in the lining of a bag, or could you recommend one. From a follower in Texas, USA.