Thursday, October 11, 2012

First baby quilt

The past weekend I finished my first baby quilt.
I always wanted to make one because they small and easy to make.

So I agreed when my sis aked me to make a baby quilt for a friend of her.

Her friend is expecting her first baby boy in the neyt days so I'm glad that I finished everything in time.

I decided for the lattice baby quilt pattern from moda bake shop. It's a lovely and fun pattern and shows the fabrics so well.

Since it's a baby boy my sis and I decided on blue and yellows. I came up with the idea to sash the fabrics in a brown Kona.
First I wanted to go with white but it's maybe not the best idea for a baby who might drool on the blanket ?!

All the blue and yellow fabrics came from my stash. I have tons of cute japanese imports who were waiting for a project like this in the fabric shelf.

For the backing a bought a super cute flannel to keep the baby warm. Sadly after the first wash the back of the fabric looked like this.

It looked like a blanket which was washed more than 100 times ?! 
Did you ever have the same problem with your fabrics ?
I was really sad when I found the quilt like this in my washing machine. Since it's a gift for a person I don't know in person I wanted it to look super neat.
I spent ages to get rid of all the lint . Sadly I wasn't able to remove everything so it's still looking not 100 % perfect (what drives me really mad). Gladly my sis said that she still wants the blanket since she wants to give her friend sth. special and handmade.
I made already a few other things for her friend so I'm hoping she will like the blanket like the other stuff I made before.

The binding is a lovely yellow striped fabric from my stash. I used the same fabric for the label .
Sadly I didn't know the name of the baby boy so I had to write the names of the parents on the quilt.

This is already quilt Nr. 8. I'm so proud and there are still a few more waiting to be made and finished.

But now sth. off topic.
Do you remember this post ?

Lots of lovely people contaced me and yesterday I recieved my first postcard.
Amber was so cute to send her fave chocolate and a lovely handmade coaster together with her postcards.

I'm over the moon and I can't wait to add these postcards to my wall <3.
Thank you so much again Amber !!


  1. That is such a cute quilt, Isa! I even like the way the flannel looks like after laundry. It looks like it will keep a baby very warm and nice!

  2. Isabelle I'm glad you loved it! The quilt looks lovely! I wouldn't worry about the flannel no one sees that side anyways :)

  3. Isa ... it looks like wonderful .... unfortunately the flannel have this problem ...but it's just wonderful and the baby boy will droll happy in his blanket :)

  4. This quilt looks great!!! I love the colors, really good choice!

    I have no experience with flannel. I used fleece as a back side of my son´s little quilt.

    And... the present will be send of Monday! :-)