Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Just a little head

I had a little fake Blythe head floating around for while .
I started to customize the head a few weeks ago while I spent a few days with the inlaws.

 The past weekend finally I found my energy back to finish her.
I had lots of fun with painting the eyelids this time.

 I did her eyelids in two different shades (pink/ yellow) and added some white spots to match her white freckles.
Sadly I wasn't able to put her eyemechanisms bacl properly so she has some little dents on her left eyelid >___<.

I think I love the blue painted eyechips the most so I had to give her a pair too. They go really well with her make up.

Sadly I don't have any spare scalps or domes.
So this little head is looking for a new home without body and hair.

She is coming to you just as a head with her eyemechansism.
She is a perfect base head if you want to build your own doll.
You can decide on your own which haircolor or body suits her best.

I played with my charms a bit and gave her some sparkling pull charms.

If you want to give her home please go ahead and look at her auction.

1 comment:

  1. I love your dolls!! They are soo cute! But, my daughter loves them more :-) She has two dolls and they look similarly to Blythe dolls, but it is impossible to change their hair, eyes... but yes, they look like your dolls :-)
    Maybe you know them? : http://www.hasbro.com/littlestpetshop/de_DE/