Monday, October 22, 2012

sunny autumn

The last days we were blessed with the best autumn weather ever.
20°C and a wonderful sunny and blue sky.
I went to the flea market and found a cute plate and a nutcracker.
I went shopping a few times and was able to resist all those cute clothes except for a pair of black booties and a grey skirt.

I took 2 days off to get rid of my paid vacation days at work.

Mira and me
I'm not sure if I talked about this already but I will be jobless at the end of this year.
My current job where I'm working for 7 years already is closing our project.

I'm a bit scared but not really sad at all. I knew this day would come and mr. artistic and I planed anyway to move to Berlin early next year.
Now it's time for job hunting.
I won't start job hunting this year because nobody would give a woman without hair a job..right ?! 
And of course there are no jobs available for next year right now. I'm sure they will be out in the next two months.

Lovely gift from Mira
Since I'm jobless I will be able to have more time for sewing and of course some Blythe fun too.
I can take some comissions starting in january for people who are interessted in getting a custom from me.

Do yo remem,ber my post about the postcard swap ?
I'm getting some lovely postcards every week.

 I got some lovely cards from Austin, Texas from Jessica.

And a lovely mail from Jolana , Czech Republic <3.

And I wasn't completly "uncrafty" at all.
I turned an dessert jar from Aldi into a little lantern.

I made a template from paper, cutted my fabric using the template and glued the fabric with tacky glue on the little jar. 
Done !

Now I have to eat more of the yummy dessert to make more little lanterns.
It's the best excuse to buy sweets.

Sadly I don't enjoy sweets at the moment since my stomach is not feeling well >__< 


  1. nobody would give a woman with no hair a job?
    OMG i thought that fashion lines for sure would because its cool!


  2. I'm looking for a job in the new year too! and in the meantime I'm just doing temporary work but I'll be out of a job again at the end of November. I have plans to do a lot of sewing! and maybe get another patchwork picnic blanket finished. I cant wait to see what you create in this time!

  3. Yes, I am on maternity leave. I will look for a my new post on September next year. So I have one year more for me and my family, but... I still haven´t free time for my hobby :-) I celebrate free evenings!!

    Keep optimism and be in thinking about your hobby, free time just for you, relax... and the new job will come soon. :-)


  4. I just realized with your move to Berlin & the post cards that I haven't sent that I might need to get your new address when you have one? Will you let me know it once you know where you are going to be living?
    hugs, rhubs