Tuesday, October 2, 2012

summer sampler Quilt - the final

I really can't believe it but the summer sampler quilt is finally done.

Do you remember this, this and this post ??!

Today I'm blogging the last time about this quilt since we final reached our goal. It's done !

It took me over a year and I nearly gave up on this project. But now I'm proud to say that I finished my long term project. OK I still have to quilt my second long term project  (the hexagon quilt) but that's another story.

Right now I will just enjoy seeing pics of this quilt. It's hard to see all the different blogs when it's sitting on my bed.
I quilted this this quilt free motion. It's my fave way of quilting for big quilts because it's fast and I don't to fight to hard with all the fabric under my sewing machine.
For the binding I used two different stripy fabric in pink and turquois.
The backing is made from different flannel fabrics which I bought just for this project (except for the tiny blue stripe which is an old flannel from my mom).

The quilt is huge so I needed 4 helping hands to take a proper pic of this quilt.
Gladly my hubby and my friend Mira helped me out .

Ignore the outfits of these two lovely people. We just came back from jogging so all of us were still in sport clothes.

Right now I'm working on baby quilt for my sister and another huge quilt using Jeni's chevron quilt tutorial.
Bot tops are done and waiting to be basted and quilted.
I might work on the baby quilt tomorrow since it's a public holiday and I want to finish both projects quickly to have my head free for other things.


  1. Hi Isa!
    Your work in this beautiful quilt.
    Sunday remembered you because it is the only German on the blogs I follow and my brother was in Berlin to run the 42 km of the marathon.
    ;) Ana

  2. Hello! Your new quilt is sooo lovely! Great job :-) Really, the result is fantastic!
    And yes... I know Jeni´s chevron quilt - so, it will be lovely baby quilt! Sooo, have a sharp needle! :-) Jolana

  3. wow, ist der super geworden!!! Toll!! Und so riesengroß, kein Wunder, dass du etwas dafür gebraucht hast.. Echt, echt klasse, die ganze Arbeit hat sich total gelohnt :-)

  4. Hello! It's so nice to find your blog! Your creations are awesome! Ps. I LOVE your blog header!

  5. Der ist soooo schön geworden! Das erinnert mich daran, dass ich endlich endlich die letzte Handquiltnaht an meinem Summer Sampler fertignähen sollte! ;-)