Monday, October 29, 2012


Today I had a pretty busy day.
I took a day off to get all that stuff done.

I have a bad stomach since a few weeks and taking pills for 1 1/2 week to get rid of the pain..
I went to a few doctors to find out about the reason for my pain.

I'm getting radiation since 4 weeks (daily from Mo till Fr) so I thought that might be the reason.
It's to much stress for my body after the chemo.

Today I got a gastroscopy from my fave doctor.
He is really nice and I don't feel worried (maybe because I already had one 1 year ago and he was so nice back than as well). Of course I choose some sleeping meds during the gastroscopy.
The gastroscopy itself only takes 3 - 4 minutes if they don't take any samples but I really don't want to look in the doctors eyes while he is checking my stomach :)
So I took the sleeping meds and had a good sleep for at least 30 minutes.

Gladly everything turned out to be OK. I just had a gastritis caused from the stress due to chemo and radiation.
The cute cupcakes and the Halloween candy where at at my doctors place.
The nurse backed the cupcakes of the weekend and they decorated the "waking up" place (the place where you stay for a while after you woke up) with Halloween stuff.
This is always a good sign that the chemistry between nurses and the doctors is really nice.
I'm very happy with my doctors.
I have only good ones who are really nice.
And most of them know each other from earlier days when they all worked in different hospitals.
That's always a good sign :)

Since I wasn't allowed to drive a car because of the sleeping meds mr. artistic had to pick me up from the doctors place.
We went out for a late breakfast which was more a lunch for my hubby :)

I have to admit that I broke the rules later today when I took the car to drive to my daily radiation .
I know I'm crazy

Gladly I was able to pick up my new Icy doll today.
She is such a cute doll. Her quality is amazing for that price <3

I will turn her into a custom doll and maybe getting another one if this one turns out cute .

Now I'm getting ready to meet up with my friend Mira to go jogging.

Hope you all had a good start into the new week.


  1. Take care of yourself hun! That lunch sounds lovely<3

  2. I just commented on your flickr photo, as I didn't realize you were undergoing so much chemo and radiation. You are inspirational to be out jogging and still working on your crafty projects after such unpleasant procedures. Thank goodness for so much energy and positivity! Have a fun Halloween.

  3. Dein outfit auf dem ersten Bild sieht super aus, besonders die Hose mit den Stiefeln! Und bitte immer schön genug essen :-)
    Noch eine schöne Woche dir und viele Grüße von