Monday, October 8, 2012


Saturday turned into one of my fave days.

Usually I would just goo to our local supermarket (with comfy and ugly clothes since not many people would see me) and stay the rest of the weekend indoors.

But since a few weeks I go out for a  walk and a little shopping with my friend Mira every saturday.

I really like to start my weekend like this.

Dressing pretty...

...since I spent more time outside and lots of people will see me .

Buy fresh veggies and fruits at the local farmers market.... turn these into a yummy soup.

Entering nearly every second hand shop.... find cute stuff like the belt and the doll.
Sadly the belt is to small to use for my pants.

The shirt was found on sale in one of my fave shops for only 16 €.

There is always some time for sewing.... long as my cat is not using the quilts as a bed.

I loooove my saturdays like this.
So perfect and simple.
But full of fun.


  1. That looks just like the view in my sewing room this weekend. My little kitty was all over everything I needed just when I needed it! Gotta love 'em.

  2. I love saturdays! I love sewing! And i totally love how i met your mother :))
    You did a good job by dressing nice, you look cute ^_^