Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hexagon project

I have always many sewing projects in progress.
One of my fave projects is the hexagon quilt.

I started to cut the 2 x 2 inch squares in may 2011 when I was on a trip with dad & sis.
Since may I worked nearly every week on this project. I cut templates & fabrics, sewed templates and finally put the hexagons together.

Last week I finished 127 hexagon flowers in different colours and fabrics.

(hexagon flower tower - 127 flowers)
I used all my quilting weight fabrics (no linen or medium weight fabrics) except for the grey and the black ones.

(hexagon quilt - planing)
Last week I took another big step. I draw the pattern for the quilt.
When I draw the pattern I planed to use 130 hexagons. But after some calculating I thought it might be better to add 13 hexagon flowers to make the quilt wide enough to use it as a blanket.

(time to start putting the quilt together)

So here are the plans for quilt:

- 143 hexagon flowers made from 1001 coloured hexagons
   I finished the first 127 flowers so I already used 889 hexagons.
- sash the flowers in ash kona
  I have no idea how many grey hexagons I need to make. Must be something around 1500+
- quilt size: around 112 cm x 182 cm
   I might add another row with 13 hexagon flowers when the quilt turned out to be to small.

(ash sashing)
Last weekend I finally start putting the first flowers together. I have to admit that I used every free minute to work on this project (which wasn't a lot since we visited mr. artistics parents) but the result is already breathtaking.

(first 10 flowers sashed in kona ash)
If I add one flower to the blanket each day this project should be finished in 143 days.
But since I'm working on a few projects it might take a little longer.

I'm not sure if anyone is reading my blog but I'm looking for someone who likes to swap 18 little fabric squares (2 x 2 inch) with me.
I'm looking for 6 purple, 6 dark pink and 6 orange squares for my hexagon project.
I run out of different fabrics and I don't want to buy any fabrics just for some tiny squares.
So if anyone wants to swap some little squares with me feel free to contact me .


  1. HI!!!!
    Doch, Ich lese und ich verfolge. JA!
    Im moment bin ich auch im Hexagons fieber (bin an finishing 2 over sized baby blankets - sie sind ein Taufgeschenk für unsere Patenkinder und ich kann deshalb noch nichts zeigen. Aber ich kann es kaum erwarten bis ich mit den beiden fertig bin, denn ich will unbedingt 2 grossere Decken anfangen: eins für mich und ein für meine Mutter.
    Ich würde mich freuen über die Stoff-tausch. Welche Farben hast du übrig?
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Wow, that is so awesome! It's going to be amazing! :)

    Would be happy to swap with you Isa!

  3. Awesome Isa! i love seeing your hexagon flowers. They are just so pretty!

  4. this looks beautiful!! I probably have some spare purples, pinks, and oranges. Do you want to tell me the range of colors you are looking for on your Kona color card so I can see if I have anything that would work?

  5. Thank you so much everyone for offering your help <3
    Gladly I found a lovely lady to swap in germany (yeah for cheap shipping).

  6. Did you finish this quilt I would love to see the progress