Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy birthday Berni !

My sister turns 31 today.

(me and my big sis - 1983)
We have been always very close. We are close in age (only 1 1/2 year) and we shared a room untill I turned 15.

(me and Berni in Kindergarten)
We had a bunk bed and every evening untill we fall asleep we make up a little stories with our guinea pigs (we always had a few when we were little) as main characters. We changed our voices into our special guinea pig voices every time we came up with a story.

Every time I visit my sis and her current guinea pig we are still doing the same. Our voices change and my sis is "the voice" for her guinea pig. We even talk like this on the phone. Sometimes it's a bit embarrassing when my hubby is listening.

(Berni, Franzi and me)
My sis lives in Berlin. It's only 450 km from where I live but it's always hard to find time to visit each other. This year was a really good one. We met several times and I'm going to see her in 2 weeks.

(Berni and me - 2006)
I really miss her a lot and I always have hard times letting her go home when she visits me.
She is not only my sis. She is my best friend.

(Berni & me last month)

Since a few years me and my sis give each other handmade gifts. This year my sis aked for a handmade wallet. She coose the fabrics while she was here for the wedding and I'm sewing my ass off to get it done untill we sea each other in two weeks.

A handmade birthday card is very popular and both of us putting lots of love in every card we make . This year I thought I might need to break the rules.
Why always making birthday card ?!

They collect dust and I bet my sis drawer is already cluttered up with tons of card.
I wanted to make something usefull.

(birthday mug rug)

My sis started a new job today (yes on her birthday). She is the head of a little kindergarten.
Her office really needs something bright and cheerful so I made a scrappy mosaic mug rug.

I used lots of colourful fabrics because my sis really loves everything with bright colours.

Enjoy your day big sis. I'm sending you a big cyber ug !!!!!

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  1. awww i love the childhood photos!!!