Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hong Kong day 4 & 5

Sorry for the lack of information about my vacation in Hong Kong yesterday. But it seems that I catched a really bad cold so I wasn't in the mood for writing a blog post.
Yesterday was a really quiet day for me. I got up very late and went to Causeway Bay for some shopping. But due to the cold I wasn't really in shopping mood. I just took a few pics of the christmas decoration and left with a little breakfast for some relaxing in the kowloon park. I stayed for an hour but didn't take any pics at all. I spent most of the time in the hotel that afternoon. I just left it for an hour to get me dinner.

Today I wasn't feeling any better but kicked my ass out of the hotel at around 11 am. I took the MTR to Diamond Hill to visit the Nan Lian Garden and Chi Lin Nunnery.
If you ever go to Hong Kong you should definetly pay this place a visit. It's such a lovely garden surrounded by all the big buildings.
For all shopping fans is a big shopping center near the station. It's 3 story high and lots of cool brands. I spent my money on gifts for myself and my sisters. I can't speak about it yet but promise to show it later once I gave it to them.
I even got a cute bunny as a gift for my big purchase. I went to the supermarket in Diamond Hill to and found some good stuff I wanted to try. The cashieer was really nice and took the time to explain me how to cook it.
Diamond Hill is a great place to spent a few hours to stay away from the crowd in tourist areas.
For more pics head over to my Flickr account.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your posts on your HK vacation and hope you feel better soon Isa *hugs*