Thursday, October 20, 2011

So much to "sew"

My sewing list is growing every day.
Every time I think that I can skip something from my list I have to add another sewing project.

Last week I tryed the block Love in the mist. It's a really lovely block and I knew from the beginning that I would cut in my nicey jane fabric to try it.

I used kona espresso for the background and I really like the result. The nicey jane fabric really pop out.

Do you remember this project. There was no progress for a while so made another block with the Love in the mist   pattern.

Now I only need to make one block and I can finish the quilt top.
Sadly I already know that the last block has to wait for alittle while because there are so many things which need to be done before I leave for the vacation.

Some sad new from my new ironing board cover. After only a few month of nearly daily use I found a little hole.

How long does your ironing board cover last since you changed it ?
I really didn't want to waste more fabric so I used a little trick to cover it.

I'm not the only one who is hard working.
Today I found Mie like this in living room.

Do you need a professional confetti maker ?
She does a really good job !

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