Friday, September 23, 2011

birthday gifts

I have a super long sewing to do list on my desk.
It try to finish this list but it's still growing.
I add more stuff each day and sometimes I really feel bad because there are so many things to make.
So I'm hiding the list sometimes.
The last 2 weeks I was able o finish some birthday gifts.

I made placemats for Wendy's new home. I wanted to keep the design simple to go with her new grey kitchen.

I really love working with solids. Since a few months I'm building a solid stash. I still need lots of more colours but I try to focus on fabrics which I really need.

My sis asked for a wallet for her birthday after she saw mine.
When she visited me in august for my wedding she picked some fabrics from my stash.

Normally she goes with bright coloured stuff but this time she wanted to keep it simple.

I got the cute ice skate key chain while I was in Singapore last year. I went to a super awesome shop with Jo, Joelle and Wendy. The shop sells tons of cute charms and stuff to make your own necklaces.

I used my fave pattern from napkittenpattern.
Her patterns are so well written with tons of instructions and pics.
If you are looking for a great pattern go and buy one from napkittenpattern.

Right now I'm working on a comission cloth doll like this one which I made earlier this year.
I need to finish 4 placemats for my SIL who is turning 37 next week (thank mr. artistic for not telling me earlier).
There are still some little Hoppel's waiting to be finished too.
My list is still so long *sigh*


  1. Beautiful work! Your sister is very lucky!

  2. Bellissimo!!