Wednesday, September 28, 2011

week 39: Things I love

       I post every wednesday about things I love because
I always take lots of pictures of things I like but I never post or upload any of these.
So I came up with the idea to post every wednesday about things I love.
Feel free to join me. Post every wednesday a picture (or a few more) of things you like and tell us why.
This week I'm loving....
day trips with my dad
Every time I go to Berlin I take the friday off to spend it with my dad.
We always have big plans but there is never enough time to do everything we planed ahead.
Two weeks ago I had 1000 of plans for that day but after sleeping untill 10 am there was not enough room for doing everything on the list.
We cut the list short and went to a big book store first. We sepereated and each of us spent 2 hours in different sections of the book store.
I left the store with another travel guide for my Hong Kong trip in november and my dad added a few more books on his "I need to buy" list.
We left the bookstore and took the bus to Berlin; Mitte.
My dad used to live (untill 1994) in Mitte next to Berliin wall.
I haven't been there since a long time and so many things changed. After the they broke down the wall they rebuilt a little pond which used to be there (before WWII). There is now a little cafe near the pond which is really nice .
My dad and I just walked around Mitte to look for some places we still remember.
We were both not in hurry so it was a lovely and relaxing trip.
It was already getting dark when we left Mitte to have a last beer before we took the tram home.
It's always great to spend time alone with my dad. He is such an amazing man. Love you dad !!


  1. i love seeing the pics of you and your family spending such a nice time together, maybe because I'm jealous. My family lives 3000 miles away. I'm glad to see these special fridays you have. xo amy