Wednesday, September 7, 2011

week 36: Things I love today

It's already wednesday again.

I always take lots of pictures of things I like but I never post or upload any of these.
So I came up with the idea to post every wednesday about things I love.
Feel free to join me. Post every wednesday a picture (or a few more) of things you like and tell us why.
This week I'm loving....

Picking up a fresh developed roll film from my last trip with mr. artistic.
Nearly all pics looks really lovely. I need to scan these (and all my other roll films).

That I found a shirt in my closet which I haven't seen for 3 years.
It's such a lovely shirt which I totally forgot. What a big surprice this morning.

New boots (from buffalo) for me.
I had no plans to get new boots but I always end up with new boots when I'm at my fave shoe shop.
New colourful headphones from benetton.
My fave sony headphones broke a few weeks ago. The new ones are really fancy but they are to big.

Finishing a new project.
I altered the pattern and made a small Hoppel.

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  1. AHHH! A tiny Hoppel! SO cute!! And I love your hexagon project, it looks awesome!