Monday, September 26, 2011

A little bit of sewing

When I think about the past weekend it felt like I was only sewing.
I was working on so many projects that the weekend passed by so quickly.

I was able to finish some long overdue quilt projects and prepare stuff for my next weekend.
Do you remember this little plus quilt ?!
I planed to turn it into a doll quilt for my wall (in my sewing area) but since I already have a vintage quilt on my wall I turned it into a pillow cover.

Since the mini quilt has unusual pillow size I had to make the pillow foam myself.
It was really easy and I was able to use some left over stuffing from making dolls and soft toys.
I'm very happy that I finally found a good use for this mini quilt. It looks so darling with my plus quilt.
I totally love seeing these together .

In my last post I mentioned that I'm working on some placemats for my SIL.
She will turn 37 this saturday so I had to work quickly.
Her dinning area is mostly black, red and white. Gladly I found some fabrics in my stash wehich goes really nice together.

I used the pillow tuorial from Elisabeth Hartmann.
It's a really nice and easy to follow tutorial.

I quilted each placemat in a different way. I had really fun trying out something new and I have to admit that I start to like free motion quilting.

My quilting is far away from being perfect but at least the stitches look really nice. They are all nearly the same length.
It's really hard to pick a fave but I think I love the "crazy lines"one most.

Mr. artistic told me that he really likes the geometric placemat.

Wavy lines are easy and fun and always turn out really nice.
I'm pretty sure my SIL will like these because I really do love these.
I really need some placemats for myself.
Did I ever mentioned that I still don't have a quilted placemat for myself ?!

Right now I'm working on a few comission orders.
I'm making another cloth doll and a tiny Hoppel to match this one.
I'm also preparing some dolls and tiny Hoppel's for the shop. The Hoppel's will be available as boys (with moustache) and as girls.
I nearly finished all the machine sewing parts and I will take the  Hoppel pieces with me for a long weekend at mr. artistics parents home.
Can you imagine to finish 48 Hoppel arms and legs (turning, stuffing and closing the seams) ?
 I must be crazy !

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  1. I´m so happy finding your blog! A blog of a young german woman, who likes the american style of sewing/crafting, yeah.
    I read a few months/years of postings and couldn´t stop doing it.


    (ohoh, i´ll have to take english lessons...)