Monday, September 12, 2011

Quilts, Quilts, Quilts

The titel says it all. My last weekend was dedicated to quilts.
I have a few quilts in progress (and even more ideas in my mind) so I was super happy to finish the next quilt top.
A few weeks ago I started with my "Little apple" quilt.
I fall in love with the prints from Aneela Hoey since a very long time. I missed her first line "sherbert pips" because I wasn't much in sewing and quilting at this time.
So I was quit happy when she announced her new collection "Little apple".

The prints are super adorable and I had really hard times to wait for the release.
I was happy when I snatched an early release charm pack from etsy and started cutting right away.
But I lost track after a short while because I had a few other projects which had to be finished first. So I didn't touch the quilt for a while.

Friday I finally kicked my ass and finished the quilt top in a very short time.
I wanted a quilt pattern which shows every lovely print of the collection so I went with the Marshmallow Brochette from Threaded Mess.

It's a very lovely quilt pattern to showcase all the lovely prints from Aneela Hoey.

 Since it was a really crafty weekend I spent a few hours working on my Hexagon quilt. I was a able to add a bunch of new flowers but there are still lots of flowers left.

Mie was always by my side. She was testing a new pillow which I was working on as weel. It's not finished yet but Mie already loves it.


  1. what a fantastic MB quilt!! I love the way this pattern showcases the fabrics you selected! your fabric placement is very fun. I can't wait to see how you quilt this :)

  2. you're so patient to do quilting! I love the first one XD And your cat lol

  3. ps I love your hexagon project too! I am working on one as well but the pattern I am creating is a bit more intricate. I am loving the simplicity of yours with just the flowers and 1 row of sashing in between :)