Thursday, September 22, 2011

week 38: Things I love

It's already thursday .Normally I post every wednesday about things I love.
This week I'm a day late again.

I always take lots of pictures of things I like but I never post or upload any of these.
So I came up with the idea to post every wednesday about things I love.
Feel free to join me. Post every wednesday a picture (or a few more) of things you like and tell us why.
This week I'm loving....
my family
I met with my two sisters and my dad last weekend.
I went to Berlin to meet up with old school mates and of course to see my sisters.
I rarely see my little sis. She lives in Rostock and most of the time she is busy with her BF and work.
It was a great weekend and we had an awesome time together. 
There was some flea mark fun, shopping and just hanging around and chatting. 

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  1. thats so nice. i wish i had a happy family.