Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I have no idea how to name this post so I just thought handmade would be nice since I'm talking about handmade stuff.

My head is always full of ideas but when I'm home from work I'm always to lazy.
I just hang around on my sofa and watch olympics.
In my head I'm working on 100 projects but in real life I have several projects unfinished waiting on my desk.

I keep buying fabrics for my 100 sewing plans. But all I do is folding them nicely and put them in my fabric shelf.
Do you know this problem when there are to many projects flooting in your head and you can't kick your ass to start ?

Gladly I finish some projects...but very slow.
A friend of mine asked for bag since she saw this post. I told her that I would definetly make her one but she has to pay for the fabrics since it's a big bag and good fabrics are not cheap at all.
I gave her the adress of my fave online fabric shop and she picked 3 fabrics.
I ordered them and after the usual one month wait they arrived.

I finished this bag in one day. It's an awesome pattern by i like orange too and pretty easy to follow.
The bag is really big but who doesn't like big bags ?!

Another quick project was this little coaster or wall hanging.
I made it as a little thank you gift.

 I really love those patchwork houses and I have another patchwork house on my to do list. But since I already told you about my long to do list you know this will take forever.

For the christmas in july project I made a postcard bag for my partner Ellen. Ellen is originally from the US and is living and working in Amsterdam.

She really loves to travel so I thought a bag for her postcard and notebook would be nice.
I used some of my fave linen fabrics for the top and the inside pockets are made from a lovely vintage fabric.

The little bird charm matches the style and vintage button so nicely so I had to add it for more cuteness.


  1. When i started reading the post i thought somebody was reading my mind! :) I'm very lazy too! I tell people to kick my ass, because i don't do it! Gosh i must start again creating!!
    And other than this, the bag looks great! I think i'll add it to my never ending to-do-list too ^_^

  2. Thank you so much for my "little thank you gift", I really appreciate it! I wish my head was full of ideas like yours!

  3. Yes, I know it... I have some unfinished projects in my wardrobe. Definitely I have to prepare my to-do-list and start to finish some of them :-)
    Your bag is so lovely!!! I love big bag and I am mum to two children, so I need too many things in my bag always :-) Jolana

  4. Hi - I just found your blog and am really enjoying it. I love your style (clothing and crafting). I really love the pillows and quilts I have seen. I look forward to reading it more.