Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Will YOU give me a new home ?

I really can't believe that I did it but I placed my lovely new custom Blythe up for adoption.

I already sold a few custom Blythe dolls on the secondary market or did some trades but I never placed one on evil bay.
I have to admit that I'm a little bit nervous. I really want to a loving home for her and hopefully one of my flickr friends will adopt her that I'm able to see her really often.

 I will definetly have a hard time letting her go but since I'm not working full time and have lots of sick leave (and no usual income) it's better to let her go to a new loving home.

Work done:

- carved lips, nose and philtrum
- sleep eyes
- eyes boggled and gaze corected
- 2 pullrings (normal one , special key one)
- new face up sealed with MSC matte
- 4 new eyechips (grey, blue & 2 handpainted pairs of eyechips in pink and blue)
- dyed Simply Vanilla Scalp with light pink hairtips
- haircut into a cute bob

If you are looking for a new member for your doll family you might want to take a look at her auction.

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