Wednesday, August 22, 2012

summer sampler quilt is growing

Do you remember this post ?

I was talking about my half finished summer sampler top.
Back in time I wanted to add 4 blocks and a colorfull border to make it big enough to fit our bed.
Since that day I didn't work on the top at all.

So many things happened and there was no energy to finish this quilt top.

But since I really want to start with some new quilts I have to finish the old ones first.
I changed my mind about the border and the aditional 4 blocks.
I will add 16 blocks and no border.

I already finished the first 6 blocks and I already cut the fabrics for the 10 other blocks.
I have high hopes to get the 10 blocks done the upcoming weekend and put the quilt top together.

My plans are to get this quilt done by the middle of september to have enough time to get all the christmas and baby quilts done in time.

I have to admit that I'm a little bit sick of seeing this quilt. I will never wait that long again to finish a quilt.

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