Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Spicing up the kitchen - We are moving

The kitchen is the must ugly room in my home.
It's one of the biggest rooms in the flat but we rarely use it unless we cook or wash the dishes.
We have an awesome big dinning table in the kitchen but refuse to eat there.
The kitchen is to ugly to stay there any longer than we need.

We bought the kitchen second hand when we moved to Göttingen in 2005. The kitchen was already ugly and higly used when we bought it but now the kitchen is falling apart. 
We have to fix sth. nearly every months.

We won't get a new kitchen in the near future since we are not staying that long in Göttingen anymore.
Yeah you heard right.
Mr. artistic will move to another city early 2013. I already told my boss that I don't want a new contract for 2013 so now it's official.
From january 2013 I will be jobless and need to find a new one....in BERLIN !

I'm not sure if you knew but I'm originally from a small city 80 km away from Berlin. Most of my family lives in that area and some school friends are living in Berlin too.

Now we just need to find a job for mr. artistic. I finished university in december 2011 and still didn't find a job. He is turning 32 this year and really need to start working.

But that's another story. Back to our kitchen "problem".
I always wanted to spice up the kitchen since a few months and I added sth. handmade nearly every week. The kitchen is looking more and more cozy but I have to admit that I don't believe that I will ever eat there ;)

I made a quick cover for the washing machine. 
The top of washing machine is getting dirty pretty quick since  it's near the stove. With the new cover I don't need to clean the top of the washing maschine everytime we use the stove. I just need to wash the cover and everything is pretty and clean.

Our toaster was the one on my list. We don't use the toaster every day so it's collecting dust pretty quick. I already had a cover for mr. toaster but it was a really ugly brown one.

When I saw the cute fabrics with the german words (even if the german on the fabrics makes no sense at all...lol) I knew that I have to buy them to spice up the kitchen.
They are fun and go perfect with a simple linen.

Because I was already in sewing mode I had to make a quick cover for the water boiler as well. I used linen and another fabric with german words.
I really love the look of linen and fabric in my kitchen.
It makes it look fun and fresh.

When I went to fabric shop with my sis two weeks ago we spotted a lightblue tablecloth with white dots.
It was only 3,49 €/m so I had to buy it for the dinning table.

We still use the kitchen only for cooking and washing the dishes. But now we can do this in pretty kitchen.


  1. Hallo Isa,
    wenn Du dann in Berlin bist kannst Du ja gerne mal zu einem unser Berlin modern quilt guild treffen kommen. Ich würde mich jedenfalls freuen Dich persönlich kennenzulernen.
    Schöne Grüße Miriam

  2. Congratulations on moving to Berlin! will be nice to be closer to your family.
    I love all of the cute things you made for you kitchen (even though you hate it).
    Hope you are feeling well.

  3. Was für Jobs sucht ihr denn in Berlin? Für dich könnte doch Dawanda passen - so kreativ, wie du bist! :)