Saturday, October 22, 2011

950 hexagons

I can't believe that I already used around 950 hexagons for my quilt top.

There are still more than 1000 hexagons waiting for me but I still like working on this quilt.
I really enjoy hand sewing while watching TV or series.

Recently I'm watching Glee. I have to admit that I'm adicted already and I will be really sad when I finished all episodes.

Mie is really enjoying the hexagon quilt too.


  1. are you hand sewing each piece together??? or just basting & then sewing on the machine? how big is each hexagon???

  2. @alipyper: thanks ;)
    @rhubs: I hand sew every hexagon so it takes lots of time.
    Each hexagon is only 1,25 inch :)

  3. o.m.g.
    this is totally amazing!! was für eine tolle, große Arbeit, sehr beeindruckend!
    Und so schön!!!