Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Working & sewing

This is pretty much how my week looks like since a pretty while.
Due to my long to do list (I know I've told you about that several times and it seems that I'm complaining most of the time) I have the feeling that I'm working 24 hours.
I get up at 6 am to be on time in the office at 7.
I'm back home at around 4 pm to change my clothes to rush to sports classes or some grocery shopping. I'm back at home around 6 pm. Time for a shower and to prepare my dinner.
After dinner I'm glued to my sewing machine untill I fall asleep.

(tiny patchwork for a secret project)

I work on christmas gifts and other little presents for friends. These days I rarely find time to work on stuff for myself.
Last weekend I found a few hours to make 2 more blocks for my summer sampler quilt.
My plan (back in summer) was a quilt made from 20 different blocks but after this weekend I changed my mind.
I sashed the blocks with 2,5 inch stripes Kona white and the quilt turned out really huge.

It's nearly big enough to cover a single bed or snuggle under the quilt with mr. artistic. But still not enough for me.
I will add 4 more blocks to this quilt and I'm adding  a bright colorful border using all the left over fabrics from cutting the fabrics for the blocks.
Gladly there are lots of cute tutorials in blogging world (and of course my favourite website quilterscache ) so I won't have hard times finding patterns.

I have no idea how long this will takes me but I doubt that I won't be able to finish any block before my vacation in 4 1/2 weeks.

Sometimes I wish I could be happy with only a half finished quilt like my little Mie.


  1. Everything in this blogpost is eye candy! Sounds like you are so productive!

  2. the bottom row second from left HST star--Love it!
    do you know of a tutorial for it?