Monday, October 24, 2011

Pimp up your clothes

I'm always looking for unique shirts, dresses and pants.
But you hardly get any cute stuff in the shops.
Why always look for cute and unique clothes when you can pimp up your stuff yourself.

A few weeks ago I bought a simple black cardi from H&M. I really needed a black one to go with most of my clothes.
As much as I love the simple and classic look the cardi wasn't really me.
It screamed for a little pimp up.

I remembered my love for leather elbow patches and quickly turned my simple cardi into a hot designer cardi. lol .
I saw some other cardigans on different websites with heart fabric patches and went quickly through my stash.
I really wanted to add some hearts made out of vintage sheets but mr. artistic convinced me to use some non vibrant colors.

Now I'm glad that I choose the grey tweed. It goes perfect with most of my clothes.


  1. Looks great!
    If you need some leather for another project, i would love to send you some for free.

    Ein Bekannter hat mir eine Kiste mit Lederresten geschenkt und ich weiß gar nicht wohin damit... Zum Wochenende habe ich mir Freundinnen eingeladen und wir basteln damit.


  2. Liebe Natascha,

    ich bin auch stolze Besitzerin eines ganzen Koffers voll mit Lederresten ;)
    Meine Mama hat mir den hinterlassen und der wird mich noch für den Rest meines Lebens mit Leder versorgen.
    Leder ist für die Strickjacke auch nicht so toll geeignet (lässt sich schwer drauf nähen).

  3. it looks amazing! you've inspired me to revamp some of my clothes :)