Sunday, October 30, 2011

Working with felt

I rarely work with felt but this weekend I went trhough my felt stash.
I was working on a little project and needed felt in different colors.

(little project I'm working on recently)

I own a little bag filled with felt. This bag belong to my mum.
She was an art and music teacher in elementary school.
She had lots of lovely ideas for her kids at school and for me & my sisters. I'm sure that I have most of my talent from her because my dad was born with two left hands.

In the bag of felt I found this lovely handmade napkin ring.

My mom made it as a model for the kids at school. I even found some precuts <3.
My mom was an amazing and super talented woman !!


  1. It's such a cute little train block! Your mom would just adore it! This is a lovely post! :)

  2. dein blog ist sehr inspirierend... all those little details ... ich arbeite gerade an einem Kissen fuer meinen kleinen Sohn und er liebt Zuege ... die Idee mit dem Filz werde ich mit einarbeiten. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

    Christin from Wisconsin

  3. I love all the projects you have posted recently! I came by to comment because I saw the pink little bunny I sent you years ago on your board. Ahhhhh. :)