Wednesday, October 5, 2011

week 40: Things I love

It's wednesday so time to speak about things I love.
Every wednesday I TRY to post about things I love today (or last week).

This week I'm loving:

seeing the hexagon quilt grow

I was abvle to add a few flowers and some grey sashing last weekend. We had a long weekend (thanks public holiday) so my hubby (it's still sounds weird to me calling mr. artistic my hub) and I spent our entire weekend at inlaws home.
I don't have a sewing machine at there home so I always bring some hand sewing.

But back to quilt.
I was hoping to add one flower each day but life is busy so I'm glad that I work on this project at least once a month for a few hours.
So you can see at least 20 % are done.


She is an all time fave.
Mr. artistic will be at his parents home for the entire week.
We will see each other tomorrow again. Since I'm working every day our little Mie stayed with him.
I really miss her but at least I can still enjoy her pics.

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