Wednesday, October 19, 2011

week 42: Things I love

It's wednesday so time to speak about things I love.
Every wednesday I TRY to post about things I love today (or last week).

This week I'm loving:
online tutorials from awesome crafting people
 There are many awesome bloggers in the world wide web. I can spent hours reading their blogs and admire their creativity.
Ayumi is one of these awesome crafters. Her work always blows me away. I love how she mix fabrics and colours.
Ayumi has lots of great free tutorials on her blog as well. Since she posted about her little baskets I was waiting like crazy for the tutorial.
For the 12 gifts of christmas blog hop Ayumi finally posted her awesome basket tutorial.
Gladly I had enough time last weekend so I pulled out some nice autumn fabrics and made my first basket.

I love the apple print and the little squirrels. Both fabrics are in my stash for a little while already and I'm glad that I kept these for so long.

I used some thermolam plus for the squirrel basket. I like it but I definetly prefer my baskets to have a more firm look so I made another basket with some fast2fuse left over from my last project.

The basket is smaller than the squirrel basket. I think I prefer the small basket because I can fit more of them in my tiny sewing space.

Thank you Ayumi for posting this lovely tutorial.
I will definetly make a few more baskets in the next weeks.

I will give the squirrel basket to a friend and the tiny basket found a new home on my desk in the office filled with wallnuts and some autumn leaves.


  1. So adorable!!!! I'm planning on making a few for the holidays. Ayumi has so many fantastic tutorials. :)

  2. Thank you so much Isa for posting this! You have the cutest fabric stash, don't you?! I love every fabric you used for these baskets especially the orange apple one! And I love that you made a smaller version of the basket with firm interfacing! I definitely want to make one like that!