Thursday, October 6, 2011

day trip colleagues

Every year me and my colleagues plan a little trip together.

This year we went to see the Wartburg.
The Wartburg was founded in 1067 by Ludwig der Springer.

In 1521 Martin Luther who was excommunicated by the pope and outlawed by the emperor stayed for a few month at the Wartburg. H translated the New Testament from the original Greek texts into German in only 10 weeks.

(Luther's room)
In 1977 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe stayed at the Wartburg Castle for 5 weeks.

In 1999 the UNESCO placed the Wartburg on the World Cultural Heritage list.

We stayed at the Wartburg for only 2 hours. It's definetly not enough time to see everything.
The castle is such an amazing place filled with history.

(view from Wartburg)

We walked back to Eisenach and had a lovely lunch together.

(Can you spot me ? )
(waiting for the lunch)
It was a perfect day and I loved every minute.
Thanks to my lovely colleague Michael who took all these pics.

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  1. have you lost more weight?
    the pictures were beautiful
    you're lucky to be living there