Saturday, November 12, 2011

autumn walk in Hildesheim

Because I'm glued to my sewing machine this weekend I'm not able to enjoy the fantastic autumn weather.
Last weekend me and mr. artistic visited his parents (like we do every month). This weekend was extra special because my dad came all the way from Berlin for a short visit.
I had tickets for a Bob Dylan & Mark Knopfler concert and arrived a day early to spent a few hours with mr. artistic, my inlaws and me.

The weather was amazing so we picked him up from the train station and went for a little autumn walk in Hildesheim before we met with the inlaws for some cake and coffee.

Mr. artistic showed my dad his hometown and we went to his old school.
Sadly it was closed (of course because it was a saturday) but at least we were able to sneak a peek.

Hildesheim is a pretty little town with lots of green.
It's the town were I studied and of course where I met my hubby (aka mr. artistic) more than 7 years ago.

Hildesheim was nearly destroyed during WW2 but a few church survived the war.

But not all old building were destroyed.  A street with cute little houses survived.

My dad is totally interessted in history and all that stuff so we had lots of fun exploring lovely places.

Sadly we had only 3 hours to explore Hildesheim together before we went for some cake to my inlaws.

I enjoyed every minute of the autun walk and so did my dad & mr. artistic.

Hildesheim is a lovely little town and if you are traveling in germany you should take your time for a little visit.


  1. What a beautiful town, a beautiful autumn walk... I so enjoy your posts about local flavor. It all looks so lovely to me. Have a wonderful time in Hong Kong, Isa, stay safe! xoxo amy

  2. It all looks so lovely. I can't wait to visit Germany again!