Monday, November 14, 2011

holiday crafting

Do you remember this post ?!
The pillow cover is not the only christmas related item which I'm taking to Hong Kong.

Since my wallet is a bit big and heavy I made myself a new one just for the trip.
It's big enough to store all my credit cards and cash but not to heavy and bulky.

I used one of my fave linen fabrics from the stash. I bought the fabric a few years ago but never found the perfect project to use it.

The wallet is something I will use daily so I will be able to enjoy the cute fabric very often.
The lining are some christmas related fabrics from my stash as well. I really need to stock up with some christmas fabrics but I will wait untill christmas is over to get them on sale.
This year I won't be able to use any more christmas fabrics so I have no problem to wait.
There is always another christmas coming !

If you are interessted in making the wallet the pattern can be found here and it's really easy to make.

And here is the latest update from the hexagon project.

The quilt is growing and growing. Sadly there will be no time to work on that quilt for the next 4 weeks.
I think I will be able to add a few flowers durring christmas holidays.

I really can't wait to finish this quilt because I'm plaing the next hexagon quilt already.
I know I must be crazy to think about another hexagon project but I really love to have long term projects.
I'm full of hope that the first hexagon quilt will be finished by the end of january 2012 so I can have a fresh start with new hexagons.


  1. That wallet is super cute and the quilt is too gorgeous for words. I really love the whole aesthetic of your blog and your items. They make me feel cozy!

  2. Great job with the Wallet! I have the same fabric, but havent found the project for it :)

  3. that wallet is so cool! i love it.

    xoxo. ashlyn