Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hong Kong: day 2

Hong Kong: day 2, originally uploaded by crafting with loove.
My second day is nearly over. Only a few minutes and it's midnight.
Today I had a really relaxing day. I got up at around 9.30 and started with a refreshing shower. I have a shower with glass walls built into my room so I can watch TV while sitting on the toilett or having a shower (lol). I left the hotel at 11 to meet up with Wendy at the Tai Koo station. After that we met up with Wendy's hubby, Mo and her family and Helen in lovely restaurant for lunch. I totally love the chinese food in Hong Kong it's so different from the one you get in chinese resturants in germany.
After lunch we had some bubble blowing fun with Dortie and Sammie (Mo's most adorable kids). Later we went to Wendy's new home. It's so lovely and since I now know the interior I can make some stuff for her in matching colors. Later in the evening we went to Mo's home for dinner.
I had the most perfect day and I'm a very lucky girl to have so many lovely friends here in Hong Kong. They always make my stay the perfect holiday. For more pictures head over to my Flickr account.


  1. I'm enjoying your trip with you. Hong Kong sounds fabulous.

  2. look forward to all your photos of your trip to Hong Kong, enjoy!