Monday, November 21, 2011

Hexagon travel kit

10 hours on the plane...what would you do ??
Sleeping, eating, reading, watching movies or just starring at the people next to you ?!
In my case I'm the movie watching kind of girl.
I traveled with finnair for most of my long flights and I always liked their movie selection.
They had the typical blockboster but also some nonfamous (at least for me) movies from different countries.
I never had any problems to fill my flight with tons of movies.
Due to a strike from finnair last year I had to fly with lufthansa.
I was really dissapointed when I saw there movie selection. They had only a few blockbuster which I already watched at home.
Since I'm flying with lufthansa this year again I will prepared to have nothing to watch. Since I won't feel comfortable starring at the people next to me or eating tons of food (I'm tall so my body and stomach is already completly crushed already due to the small seats which means I have no place  for lots of food ) I had to look for sth. to entertain me.
Making Hexagons entertained me a lot in the past months so why not making hexagons durring the flight ?!
Normally I would travel like this with my hexagon sewing stuff but for a long flight I really needed something more tidy.
So I jumped on bandwaggon and drafted a little pattern for a hexagon sewing kit kind of bag.
( I can make a tutorial when I'm back if anyone is interesseted)

I wanted to use some scraps so I tryed the bow tie pattern.

I started to quilt the white pieces by hand but found out that the pattern will loose all the prettiness once you fold it.
So I stoped on the project and put it aside for a fresh start.
This time I kept it really simple.
Just some 1 inch colorfull squares framed in black Kona and with a letter printed fabric background.

I hand quilted around the square with embroidery thread and I hand quilted some circles all over the the whole piece.

The lining really caused my headaches.
I had to decide how many pockets or other stuff need to be added.

I decided for 4 pocket to hold the precut fabrics and one pocket for the templates.
Sadly I made a little mistake with the measurements so one of the pocket on the far right is a little bit to small to hold my 2,5 inch fabric precuts.

I added a little piece of felt for the needles.
I just need one needle to sew the hexagons but the pins looked so nice so I added these as well.
BTW ...does anyone know if I'm allowed to bring needles on the plane ? Is it allowed ???

I added a little string made from some kona solid to hold my thread. You can easily change the thread color because you can open and close it with a snap fastener.

The little scissor is my fave item.
I bought in in the museum of history in Hong Kong last year.
I was looking for some scissores because I was working on a travel book durring the trip and needed something to cut all the stuff I wanted to glue in the book.

I hope this little sewing kit will keep my busy durring the flight and with some luck I will be able to finish some hexagons flowers for my second hexagon quilt.


  1. Soweit ich weiß sind keine Nadeln erlaubt. Ich mußte vor einem Flug von London nach Berlin meine Nadel abgeben. Jedoch kenn ich eine Freundin, die ihre kurze (!) Nähnadel in der Garnrolle versteckte und so durch die Kontrolle kam.
    Viel Glück und ganz viel Spaß!

  2. Yes, you can travel with a sewing kit, including the needles and small scissors. I asked this to a friend of mine who works at the airport screening people in the check point so I think she is a reliable source. Oh! don't let me forget to tell you how cute your kit turned out. It's lovely. <3

  3. Isabelle on international flights generally do not allow needles, but the biggest restriction applies to flights that target the USA, obvious questions of security anti terrorism.
    Much will depend on the customs police sitema X-ray
    To point embroidery can also utilize raw plastic needles, those used for dental floss. But even if only in the traditional fashion. I think that release even more with a kit so cute.
    Now a confession: my eyes glued on the scissors, so micro, so beautiful!
    Have a good trip!

  4. This is soooo sweet.
    Just flew to Brazil less than a week ago ith the same doubt. I also had my hexagons on board (and watched the movies as well!!).
    I flew from Frankfurt and had no problem bringing needles or the pair of scissors (I had a child one with those round edges) I brought with me.
    I would love the directions on this cute travel kit since I used the boxy thing and would be glad for some more space on the flight back to germany. :)
    Wish you tones of fun.

  5. what a lovely idea for this travel kit!
    i am sticking to patchwork squares for now but will hope to try hexagons some day :)