Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hong Kong day 1: busy streets

Yesterday I arrived in Hong Kong. I really enjoy every minute of my vacation. Right away after I left the plane I already regconized the smell. It might sound a little funny but every airport has a different me at least. Wendy picked me up from the airport. I was an hour late due to the bad weather in munich.We took the mtr and the bus and rushed to my hotel. Im staying at the hop inn in Kowloon. It's a different hotel from the one I stayed in last year but I really like it. It's small and cozy and without windows!!! So it's always a surprise when I leave the hotel to find out if I dressed right for the given weather conditions. The only thing I don't like is the fact that I'm in a tourist's just too crowded.
So after I checked in, Wendy and I went out to find a bank so I could pick up some cash. I bought a card for my cellphone as well to make it easier and cheaper to talk with Wendy,Mo and Helen. Wendy and I went out for dinner to the same restaurant like last year.The food was good just like last year but stupid me managed to throw a full box of chopsticks from our table. It was so embarassing.
Back in the hotel we tried to make my sony tablet work. I had some problems with the wifi but right after midnight it started to work and it's still working. Stay tuned for more :D

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  1. ...mein Bildschirm ist so dreckig dass es aussieht wie ein Sternenhimmel :3