Friday, November 18, 2011

more vacation sewing

My plane to Hong Kong leaves in one week.
I'm working on some last projects and bags to make my trip comfortable.

First of all I needed a new bag for my macbook. I still have my old one (made 2 years ago) but since I'm planing to bring the mac on the trip I really needed a new case. I want to blog each day because I will have free internet in my hotel this time.

I used one of my treasured linen fabrics from my stash for the mac sleeve.

It'a a very simple design but shows the lovely fabric so well.
I used lots of batting so I'm hoping that my mac will survive the trip.

Every woman need lots of bags. And it's already a little tradition to travel with a handmade bag.
In 2008 I made this bag for my Japan vacation and last year I traveled with this bag to Hong Kong.

This year I used the 241 tote pattern from noodlehead.

It's a really lovely pattern and I was happy to use the red fabric finally. I bought it a few years ago to make a bag out of it but never decided on a pattern.

I'm not sure if I'm able to fit all my stuff in this bag so I'm making another bag this weekend.
Keep your eyes open for handmade bags  on my blog.

The bright colors go nicely with most of my clothes.

It's getting cold here in germany so I got myself some new and warm muk boots.
The are so comfy and super cute. I'm ready for snow now !

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