Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I love boygroups

It's wednesday already so time to speak about things I love.
Every wednesday I TRY to post about things I love today (or last week).

This week I'm loving:

*NSYNC winter album

I love christmas music and every year I pull the *NSYNC christmas album from the shelf and remember the old good times when I was still a teenager and living at home.

I'm not sure if I told you already that I was a really big boygroup fan when I was a younger.
I went to lots of concerts and I was always in the first row screaming like crazy.

I loved them. I saw them the first time when I was 15 years. They started there carreer in europe (germany) before they get famous and started in the US as well.
I saw them very often life in concerts. I looved the shows and I had a crush on Justin..
My sis met them while I was on a school exchange in france (1997). I was really pissed because she had a pic of her and Justin..
I met NSYNC a few years later as well but I never came as close to them as my sis :(

Backstreet Boys
I was not such a big fan but I saw them live as was a fun show but I never liked them as much I loved NSYNC or Take That .

I saw them only once live in a big event with a lot of different other bands. I had some CD's at that time and I knew a lot of their songtexts.
The event was shown in TV as well and gues who was in TV while singing like crazy ?!
I need to find the videotape and show it.

Take That
My first fave boygroup .I was 11 when I discovered them. I collected every tiny piece about them and yes I had a t-shirt as well and I was very proud..
I saw them only once life in concert because they split up a little bit later *sigh*..
Mark was my fave !!!

World Apart
I loooved them because they covered some great beatles songs. They were always funny in interviews and the life show was great as well .

Caught in the Act
I loved them right after Take That split up. I wasn't a huge fan but I saw them life because my sister loved them like crazy
My fave was Bastian !

How about you ? Any ex boygroup fans around ?!


  1. Oh me too!!! I loved Backstreet Boys and Nsync... Never heard of World Apart but I'm googling their beatles songs, beatles+boyband sounds interesting!
    I also loved girlbands, even if they came after boybands (at least here). I loved Spice Girls and with my friend we had a band (I played keyboard) and did some of their songs! hahaha XD

  2. I'm a 'lone-girl-singer' kind of girl I'm afraid. The first album I ever got, back when they were still elpee's... so, so long ago, was the debut by Tanita Tikaram...

  3. I was such a fan of Backstreet Boys it's not even funny. I collected anything with their pictures and went to the only concert they offered here. Oh happy memories!