Thursday, July 9, 2009

3. Chemo today's my 3 chemo only 3 to go ...time to celebrate a bit ^_____^
I had some amazing days with my lovely friend Dani (we know each other since 11 years)...we spent hours just chatting and having fun...we had an amazing brunch in a lovely cafe on a sunny day ;)
I met my sis and I spent two days with her at my grandparents summer house...I went swimming 5 times and even without wearing a hat or anything else...(and of course some people starred at me)....
everybody told me that I have a pretty head and I look cool without
can't wait to go back to meet Dani and my grandparents in 3 weeks...sometimes it's good to have so much free I need some lovely sunshine ;)
Biiiih hugs to you all....I promise I will be more active again soon !!!
btw...I own 10 different head scarf's fun to mix them with my clothes...everybody told me that I'm looking good and not like a typical cancer victim ;)

*pic taken with macbook*