Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bad Homburg update

Bad Homburg update, originally uploaded by crafting with loove.
Sorry for lousy update on my blog. The past two week had been super busy for me. I had my dad here for a visit for a few days (you can see him in the pic) and visited lots of interessting places. We went to a few museums and in the evening we we went out for dinner and played some bord games at his hotel. After he left Bad Homburg I spent most of the time with two lovely ladies which I met here right after the arrivel. We can chat for hours and it's never getting borring.
But last weekend I had the most horrible time here. On saturday morning I woke up at 4am and felt completly dizzy. I called for the nurse but I already knew what was going on in my body.
Since two weeks several people had a bad stomach flu and finally it caught me. I wasn"t allowed to leave my room untill monday and I have to admit that I wasn't interessted in going outside because I felt horrible. I was mostly sleeping on saturday and relaxed on sunday. On monday I was allowed to leave my room and have my meals with the girls.
The stupid flu ruined my last week completly. I felt sleepy and wasn't able to exercise for 5 days.
Today I started again but it feels like starting completly new.
Now I have 5 days left before I go home.
I promise that I will update my blog much more often again when I'm back at home.