Tuesday, March 29, 2011

photographer wannabe

Can I take a picture of you ?!

This is a small paper camera I made a few days ago. It will be my model for Wendy's new camera bag.
Since I failed with the size for my sis mobile phone bag (it was to small) I thought it's better to build a model in the correct size this time.

Thanks to mr. artistic and photoshop for removing my pimples...lol...I have really bad skin recently >___<

Monday, March 28, 2011

Help Japan: Hoppel raffle

Since the last weeks Japan is always in my mind.
I really would love to help the people so I came up with the idea to make special Hoppel's for Japan.
I had a hard time choosing the perfect fabric but finally I decided to use the super cute japanese fabric which I wanted to keep for a special project. I think this is the project which the fabrics were waiting for the past years.
I made three little Hoppel's which are filled with love and hope for Japan.

(Hoppel's for japan)

(special "Japan" embroidery on the back)

How the raffle works:

1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes: handmade Hoppel filled with looove.

Cost: $5 per ticket
Please don't use the word “raffle” in your payment, just put “Japan” in the subject.
paypal: The raffle is closed

As this is for charity, I don’t wish to limit the number of tickets sold.
I will leave the raffle open until April 1 th.
You can purchase as many tickets as you want.
As tickets are purchased, I will add your name to the list .
Winner will be chosen via random.org.

If possible (I know it's not working in most countries like germany)  mark your payment as a gift so that the maximum amount of funds can be donated!
All donations will be given to Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund.

The shipping is free worldwide.


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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Since a few weeks I'm thinking about vacation plans for 2011.
Last year I traveled all the way to Hong Kong and Singapore for a 2 week vacation. I had an amazing time with lots of lovely people and I still wish that both countries wouldn't be so far away.

I really wish I could go to Hong Kong again but I have less paid vacation this year (I had 55 days of paid holidays last year because of my illness in 2009. I wasn't able to use any of the paid vacation in 2009.)
I have "only" (I know it's a lot in comparison to other countries) 26 days of paid holidays which means around 6 1/2 weeks of paid vacation (I work only 4 days a week that's why it's 6 1/2 weeks).

But I still have my paid educational leave. In most of the parts in germany your employer has to warrant you 5 days of paid educational leave. Since I didn't use any of my paid educational leave last year I have 10 days!!

First I thought about using these 10 days for some kind of job relating further training. But why should I do that ?!
I always wanted to take language classes in another country and I found a website who offers languages classes abroad.

My first plan was going to the USA. But sadly my province doesn't accept it. So after a little research I found a language course in Vancouver.

So my plan for 2011 is 2 weeks of language classes in Vancouver (august/ september) and after these weeks I want to travel one week in Canada and maybe a little trip to the US.

I will have a place to live while I'm in Van but I still need to organize everything after the 2 weeks of language classes.

Do you have any advise for taveling alone in Canada and USA ?
Any websites for cheap flights from Van to California or any other places in the US ?
Any places I have to visit (west coast)?
Any cheap and safe places to stay (because I'm traveling on my own ) ?
Is it possible and safe to travel alone with a car ?
Is it expensive to rent a car ?

I'm hoping for some advises from you guys ! It's really the first time going on a trip on my own without any help .

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

my crane for japan

I saw the post on Barbara's flickr.
I'm still speachless when I watch the news. For more information about the cranes see here .

Thinking about making special edition Hoppel's for japan red cross. But not sure if anyone is interessted in them ?!

Monday, March 14, 2011

I ♥♥♥ vintage film

It has been a few weeks since I bought my agfa isolette III.

(vintage film camera agfa isolette III)
This is my third vintage film camera. My first vintage film camera was a Lubitel.

(me ...a long time ago)
I really loved this cam and the pics always turn out so nice. Sadly it's a really heavy cam so I hated it to carry that big cam with me (during my Hong Kong vacation I brought sometime 3 cams on a day trip). I left the cam in Hong Kong with Mo. I'm sure will make a good use out of it.

My second cam was a Lomo Lc-a- Believe it or not but I found the cam in one drawer of my grandparents house while I searched for something.

(lomo lc-a)
Both grandparents agreed to lend me the cam for a while. I had to give cam back already but I'm not sad at all. I don't know why but I wasn't able to take any pretty pics. Only with the colour flash I found a few pics I liked.

(party pics with lomo lc-a and colour flash)
Since I don't own the other two cams anymore I'm down to one vintage cam. I developed my first film a few weeks ago and I have to say that I need to learn more about this cam. Most pics turned out dirty or completly washed out.

(Hildesheim snow day)
(sun refelection)
(winter landscape)
I'm just posting the pics I really like. I hope the weather is getting better till the weekend. I want to bring the cam to my aunts 60 birthday.

(tracks 2)
(tracks 3)
(mr. artistic)
(old factory)
I totally loooooooove vintage film photos. What's about you ?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

new hair

66/ 365 new hair, originally uploaded by crafting with loove.

I was sick having dark hair. I went to the hairdresser today and asked for blonde hair.
Getting my hair back in blonde colour is hard because of the dark brown I had. I got blonde highlights and a new cut.
I love my new colour and cut. Perfect for spring !!!

The hair looks a bit reddish. The hair dresser told me that we can turn it blonder every time I go there.
Bigger picture here


scarf: bought in Dresden last year
jacket: H&M
pants: killah
shoes: lacoste

Friday, March 4, 2011

the LAST surgery

Today was a day filled with doctor visits. I saw my oncologist to get my zometa treatment. 
Finally I decided to continue getting it because I feel no side effects (OK I have to admit I feel a bit dizzy and my head hurts a bit but beside of this I feel great) which bother me.

(waiting for the zometa)

(zometa is coming)
 After the treatment I rushed home and changed the car against the bike to rush to most important apointment ever !!!!

(me before I left for surgery)

Can you remember when I wrote about my breast surgery in october 2009  ???
So today was the big day.

(Hospital Weende)
I had my last breast surgery today. I can't believe that my boobs are finished after 1 1/2 year. Dr. Said
coloured my nipples today (OMG, I just noticed that they replaced my fave male assistant doctors . This is so sad because after such a long time I felt safe around them. Sadly I have to go to the new ones on monday to get my bandage changed *ARGHH*  I don't want female doctors at my age changing my bandage !!).

(picking the perfect "dress and hat" for the surgery)
 When I was on the OP table Dr. Said asked (with a smile on his face) me who made these breasts. And I told him that it was him and that I'm very happy with my boobs. I told him that I got so many compliments and that I always enjoy showing my new boobs around . I looked happy after I told him that.

(shoe covers for the OP)
(getting dressed for the surgery...a few seconds later dr. Said entered the room and saw that I'm taking pictures of myself . very embarrassing)
The surgery went perfect. I was allowed to choose the size and the colour of the nippels. Dr. Said wanted to give me big nipples. Gladly the nurse and I were able to convince him that small ones are much prettier.
Dr. Said mixed some colours and I choose my fave one. I choose small nipples in a light pink/ brown colour *lol*.
He is a artist because he coloured the nipples a bit more pink and the areola darker, like real nipples !
Sadly I saw the new nipples only a few seconds before he covered his work in bandages.

(leaving the "pretty" nightdress in the hospital)
After the surgery Dr. Said told me that I'm not allowed to do any sports. That's the fact I'm hating most because I really wanted to go to the sports classes today (workout with Jésus). I'm not allowed to do any sports for a week but I will definetly go to sports classes on monday !!

The nurse asked who is picking me up after surgery. I told her that I'm taking my bike and go home by myself (I always took my bike even after chemo !!). 
She said I should rest and maybe I should walk home. Of course I did nothing of that. I took my bike and went shopping instead.

I thought it was time to spoil myself. Since my breast is DONE I really needed something to remind me that I'm a complete woman again. 
I wanted a new charm for my bracelet....and guess what I picked. A bra !

(gift for myself to celebrate the finished boobs)
I went to my fave pastry shop and bought a yummy cake.

(praline tarte on my childhood plate)
After seeing the gorgeous fifi lapin shirts I ordered for a lovely girl on flickr I thought I needed one for myself. 
I went to pimkie and got the grey one & a demin blouse .

(todays purchase)
The shoes are from new yorker. I didn't plan to buy anything there but as always I couldn't resist. I always need to buy shoes when I find them in my size. Euro 42 is very rare so I had to buy them and I really needed grey ones .

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

crafty weekend

It seems that I'm back in the sewing mode. I had a lot of unfished projects waiting for me so I kicked my ass and finished a few of them.
I made the appliqués for this bag a few weeks ago while we stayed at mr. artistics parents. 
(i phone/ i touch/mobile phone bags for the shop )
I always bring some small crafts when I'm traveling to keep me busy but mostly I'm not able to finish anything of this stuff. But this weekend was crazy.

I finished five small mobile phone/ i phone bags (three for the shop, one for friend of my sis and a birthday gift). Aside from the birthday gift (which still need a flex frame) every bag is 100 % done.

(tiny patchwork for the bags)
While I'm working on those tiny patchwork thing I watch a lot episodes from different shows on mtv.com. My fave show right now is "I used to be fat".
Sadly not all episodes are available for people from germany (I have no idea why the block them ???).

(bag for a friend of my sis)
Aside from the bags I worked on a new dolly pattern. I made a few dolls already but I never tryed a male doll. I developed a new pattern and tryed it right away.
I think it's hard to find a "hairstyle" for dolls which doesn't look so girly.

(male dolly on my pinboard)
I added this little guy to shop. I hope a little baby boy or girl will give him a home and love him dearly.

(details of  buttons, shirt and pants)
(back of the the doll)
I'm hoping to keep the sewing mode on for a while.
But it's really hard right now because I started to go to some sports classes and I still jogg a lot.