Saturday, February 26, 2011

... so far

I think I made my decision. I will take the Zometa again this time and think about stoping for the next time (which is due in September). I don't want to make a mistake with quiting it.

I have no side effects yet so why stopping ?! I will call my doctor on wednesday to tell him my decision.

Yesterday I met with my friend Anna and I saw her cute kid again. She grew so much since I last saw her (summer 2010).

(Anna's cute dog)
Anna and I tryed to make macarons but we failed completly. I have no idea what went wrong but our finished macarons looked like a "face full of pimples". Sadly they lost the great blue colour too. 

Any advise for making macarons ?

(finished ugly macarons)
Since I have no own kids I always love it to spoil other kids. I made a little dolly for Anna's little girl. 

It's nearly the same dolly I made for Amelie but with different fabrics and hair colour (because the little girl is dark haired too).

(dolly for Anna's baby girl)
Recently I'm working on a male dolly. It's fun to develop some new patterns. I wish I could work faster and harder because I need to finished a few bags (some comission orders and bags for friends).

Friday, February 25, 2011


Today I saw my oncologist to get my six monthly Zometa treatment. 

Zometa is a kind of drug for people with breast cancer which should help to prevent getting metastases in your bones.
Today my doctor told me that there is a study (he heard about it on big cancer congress) that this is probably not working as a prevention. It is working when you have metastases in your bones but it's doesn't help you to prevent getting them.

(Bill for my daily package with 100 pills costs around 600 €. Gladly I have to pay only 5 € the rest will pay my health insurance. I'm so glad that I was born in germany. We have a good health care system)

He said that I shouldn't get the treatment anymore but it's my decision. So what should I do ?? Take the Zometa and live with the side effects or quiting the treatment because it's not working ?!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stripes make me look fat !

Mr. artistic is not a big a fan of my outfit from today. He said that nothing matches ?!



Yesterday I thought about my hair. Once it was blonde and long. Now it is short and nearly black.
I enjoy my short hair but sometimes I really miss having blonde long hair. Especially when I see these girly girls with their long blonde hair in pony tails.

Is short hair girly enough for me ?

Will I ever have blonde hair again ?

I lost it 2009. And I changed a lot in the past 2 years. Blonde hair doesn't suit my new life.

(hair changes 2009 - 2011)

Monday, February 21, 2011

A normal (boring) week

Sometimes it's really hard for me to find something to write about on this blog. My weekend and weeks are always the same and I don't want to bother anyone with my boring life.
Who is reading this blog ????
 I have no stories to tell about raising kids or cakes I made . Some weekends or weeks I'm just hanging around after work and do nothing. I watch TV , read blogs and try to kick my ass to be creative or productive in any way. But most of the time it doesn't work.

Now I'm sitting again in front of my laptop and try to summarize the past week.

Monday: I went to work. I went jogging after work and relaxed at home while watching old "Made" episodes on my laptop.

Tuesday: I went to work and recieved a lovely package from Loki. I spend the evening again watching MTV "Made".

Wednesday: Again work in the office. I met for lunch with my friend Katja and went jogging again. Found out that my car might get broke.

Thursday: I had several meetings at work and worked on a flyer. I found out that my car is OK. It wasn't a big thing (knock on wood). I had a doctors apointment to get my lungs checked. X-rayed again but gladly everything is fine. We rushed to mr. artistics parents home to spent the weekend with them

Friday: I slept a bit longer. Finally I got up and went jogging. I hang around and watched TV untill we went for birthday dinner (mr. artistics mom).

(outfit for birthday dinner)
Saturday: I had a good night's rest again. I went grocery shopping. Did a bit of sewing (not because I was in mood it's because I had to finish it) and watched TV. I dyed my hair dark brown again (sorry no blonde this time) and went to bed early.

(grocery shopping outfit)
Sunday: I went jogging with mr. artistics parents. One hour car ride untill we arrived back at home. Discovered that MTV US published all the "Real life" episodes. My evening are filled with escaping from reality for the next days.

So my week is borring and the same EVERY WEEK !!!!

Today I was a lucky day because I found a lovely package from my dear friend Lala. She sent me the cutest handmade things ever and I'm already wearing Matroschka (that's how we call the wooden dolls in east germany) necklace.

Everything she sent is so darling and even the envelope looked like a piece of art.

(lovely mail from Lala)
Good news from Mo because the Hoppel bag I made for her finally arrived.

(Hoppel bag)
I hope that all of you had a good start into the new week.
I'm off to see my psychologist today.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

43/365 "Don't eat carrots! Cuddle them !"

Today I recieved an awesome gift from Loki. She sent me the cutest felted carrot for the Hoppels, a book "The little prince" (I always wanted to read it ) , some really cute buttons and awesome stamps for my WTJ.

And I learned my lesson today. Hoppel's don't eat carrots !!! I need to find out what they like best ? Maybe the other Hoppel's (who are living in different places all over the world) can tell me more about their fave food. My current Hoppel's refused to tell me truth !

Monday, February 14, 2011

special edition Hoppel

In the past I used to make my softies from very soft micro plush.
A few weeks ago I was able to put my hands on my fave micro plush for a good price <3.

Áfter the order arrived I wonder  what I could use it for. Guess what my first intention was ...Hoppels of course.
I made Hoppel XXI and XXII out of the plush and I have to say that I'm so glad how they turned out.

(Hoppels are strong)

(Hoppel fun in a wagon made by mel e mo)
You can find both special edition Hoppel's in my shop.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I want spring

 Today I woke up and saw snow again. The streets and trees are covered with snow and the sky is grey.

(my street)

(across my street)

(behind the supermarket)

(old factory)
I want spring because:
  • I brought my warm winter coat to the dry cleaners yesterday.
  • I want to wear my new heels.
  • I don't want cars to splash water in my face when I want to cross the street.
  • I want sun and no grey sky anymore.
  • I want to cycle to work at least 2 times a week.
  • I want to see flowers in the backyard.
  • I want to see trees with green leaves.
  • I want to hear birds singing.
  • I want to have lunch outside the café.
Untill the spring comes to germany I stay at home, watch the snow falling and enjoy cake from my fave pastry shop.

(Minon cake)
I will sit on my couch and watch Mie playing and work on some scarfs to keep my neck warm untill the sun comes out again.

(handmade scarf from a piece of fabric and crochet yarn which I got from Jo while I was in Singapore)

(my baby <3)

    Tuesday, February 8, 2011

    weekend with in-laws

    Mr. artistic and I visit his parents very often. They live only 80 km away so it takes us only 1 1/4 hour car drive to see them.
    Gladly my weekend already starts on friday (32 hours work/week) so we are leaving on thursday right after work.
    I spend the thursday mostly with sleeping. I don't why I'm always so sleepy when I arrive at their home. Maybe the car ride and the 8 h work ?
    The friday is always reserved for some activities with my in-laws. I'm very lucky to have such cute in-laws. I totally love it to spend my time with them. We go hiking, jogging, shopping, holidays, museums and all the other fun things.
    On friday we decided to have a lazy day so we only went jogging. I totally admire how fit mr. artistics parents are. His dad will turn 76 this year and his mum is 60 something. I hope that I will be that fit too when I turn that old.

    (Molala at the sports ground)
    Mostly we spend one evening together with his parents and one evening we go out with some friends. This weekend my MIL asked us to play scarbble with her  because it's her fave game. I have to say that I'm very bad in scrabble. My brain always seems to stop working when I see so many letters. Or maybe it's because of the wine we had ?

    I can't remember who won this time but I'm sure it was mr. artistic. He always find the best words and clears his letter bord a few times and gains tons of extra points. Can you believe that I only cleaned the letter bord once completly ?!

    On saturday I went swimming with my MIL while mr. artistic went for a little walk with his dad. The evening was reserved for our friends and we went to a 30ies birthday party.

    (me before we left for the party)
    You see we have a pretty normal weekend. Nothing fancy right ?!

    Saturday, February 5, 2011

    saturday = public indoor pool

    I went swimming with my future MIL.
    I will go on a 30th birthday party tonight. I still need to shower and choose an outfit.
    Thinking about wearing a dress + longsleeve.
    I want a new haircolour. Should I go back to blonde ?!

    happy friday

    32/ 365 happy friday, originally uploaded by crafting with loove.
    I found a note from the custom office in my mailbox. I had to pick a package from japan up.
    I was wondering what's inside. Did I buy anything while I was drunk ?!
    I opened the package and found this cute guy and a little note.
    "Dear Isa,
    Mr. Usagi is a good boy.
    Hope that you will have a lot of good time with him.


    I was speachless and I'm still speachless.
    I'm the luckiest girl on earth and mr. usagi is brighten up my day.

    Letter for Mo:

    "Dear Mo ,

    you are crazy for sending me mr. usagi. I totally adore him and I will treasure him forever !!!

    Thank you so much my dear friend,

    Thursday, February 3, 2011

    busy like a bee

    Recently I'm busy like a bee when it comes to crafty things. Since I designed the Hoppel's I fall in love with the little critters. They always make me smile and I love to play with them. They inspire me to take out my re-ment and force me to use my camera more.

    Last year around christmas I discovered the Hoppel's are really cute as a appliqué. While I was at mr. artistics parents home and everybody was sick I worked on some Hoppel appliqué's. Last week I started to search for some fabric collections in my stash. I noticed that I rarely bought the whole collection Sadly most of my stash are single pieces of collection.
    I found a few matching fabrics from my fave lecien collection.

    (flower fabrics from lecien)
    Sadly it's a very old collection and I'm not able to find more of flower and duckling fabrics .
    I had a lot of fun arranging the fabrics and decide for bag type.
    I wanted some really colourful bags this time and I have to say that I'm very proud how they turned out.

    The bags are now available in my shop .

    (Hoppel collection)
    I decided to make a small collection out of my Hoppel appliques and of course I will name the collection "Hoppel". I'm so happy that I was finally able to use my vintage zippers which I bought a few years ago. The bright colours match the design of the Hoppel bag perfectly.

    (Duckling Hoppel bag)

    (Ballon Hoppel bag)

    (Umbrella Hoppel bag)

    Tuesday, February 1, 2011


    I had my first gastroscopy in my life today. I was a bit scared because I wasn't sure what will happen. The doctor asked me if I want to sleep while he was doing it and I said "Yes, of course!".
    I choose the "small" narcosis because I don't want to be awake while somebody is checking my stomach.
    The nurse prepared everything and the doctor entered the room. He is a really nice doctor with a soft voice and friendly face (he is around 40+).
    He made a comment about my colourful shirt (which was a gift formyself for my birthday this year) and I told him that if I have to get up that early (OK's a lie because it was the same time I usually work already for more than an hour) I want to make everybody happy with seeing me with  a super colourful and bright shirt.

    (ignore the mess and spy the shirt)
    I woke up around 15 minutes later and everything was done. The nurse told me to get up and have a rest untill the doctor is ready. My belly felt puffed up and I still hope that I didn't fart while I was asleep *crossing fingers*.
    The doctor told me that everything was OK but he will get the complete tests in 2 days. He will call me when something was bad with the tests. I asked for a sick certificate and gladly he gave me one. I didn't feel sick or anything but due to the narcosis I wasn't allowed to drive the car.
    Mr. artistic picked me up (which was pretty hard because he had to get up early) we went back home.
     I found a little wound on my lip. Must happened while the doctor removed the tube. Except of this little issue I'm feeling fine !

    (Dr. Hoppel)