Thursday, August 30, 2012

Blythe clothes sets

The past weeks I've been sewing on this little Blythe outfits.
It took me longer that expected but finally I was able to add the last snaps.

I'm a bit behind with everything because I'm working on so many projects right now that I slowly get anything done.

I'm a big fan of navy themed outfits so I couldn't resist getting the red striped fabric and something for the Blythe dolls.
I have to admit that I had hard times finding a cute striped fabric. At the end I bough a human top and cut it into pieces ;)

I'm glad that I bought a blue striped top as well so I'm able to make a feew more fun striped Blythe shirts.

I love working with solid fabrics at the moment. I have already lots of different fabrics in my stash and I wish I could buy those Kona solids in every color.

If you are looking for a new outfit for your Blythe dolls don't forget to check out my shop.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Will YOU give me a new home ?

I really can't believe that I did it but I placed my lovely new custom Blythe up for adoption.

I already sold a few custom Blythe dolls on the secondary market or did some trades but I never placed one on evil bay.
I have to admit that I'm a little bit nervous. I really want to a loving home for her and hopefully one of my flickr friends will adopt her that I'm able to see her really often.

 I will definetly have a hard time letting her go but since I'm not working full time and have lots of sick leave (and no usual income) it's better to let her go to a new loving home.

Work done:

- carved lips, nose and philtrum
- sleep eyes
- eyes boggled and gaze corected
- 2 pullrings (normal one , special key one)
- new face up sealed with MSC matte
- 4 new eyechips (grey, blue & 2 handpainted pairs of eyechips in pink and blue)
- dyed Simply Vanilla Scalp with light pink hairtips
- haircut into a cute bob

If you are looking for a new member for your doll family you might want to take a look at her auction.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

sew stitchy mini quilt

A few weeks ago I discovered the new line sew stitchy from Aneela Hoey.
I really had to have some of the fabrics but didn't want to spent to much money.
I decided on a little charm pack to fulfill my lust for new fabrics at least a little bit.

When the charm pack arrived I had no idea what to make without buying more yardage.

I decided on a mini quilt and added some kona solids and a red fabric from my stash to make it a little bit bigger.

For the back I used some left over fabric from Aneela Hoeys other fabric collection and some kona solids.
I really love the look of the piced back.

I bind the the quilt in some left over binding from my "Just wing it  picknick quilt.
 I quilted this mini free motion. I'm getting better every time and it's already my fave way to quilt.

Sadly I have no how to use this quilt in my home.
Right now it's on the sofa.
Sadly it's to small to cover the back of the sofa and to big for the wall.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

summer sampler quilt is growing

Do you remember this post ?

I was talking about my half finished summer sampler top.
Back in time I wanted to add 4 blocks and a colorfull border to make it big enough to fit our bed.
Since that day I didn't work on the top at all.

So many things happened and there was no energy to finish this quilt top.

But since I really want to start with some new quilts I have to finish the old ones first.
I changed my mind about the border and the aditional 4 blocks.
I will add 16 blocks and no border.

I already finished the first 6 blocks and I already cut the fabrics for the 10 other blocks.
I have high hopes to get the 10 blocks done the upcoming weekend and put the quilt top together.

My plans are to get this quilt done by the middle of september to have enough time to get all the christmas and baby quilts done in time.

I have to admit that I'm a little bit sick of seeing this quilt. I will never wait that long again to finish a quilt.

Friday, August 17, 2012

a little piece of art

Some of you who are reading my blog might know about the great painting skills of my husband aka mr. artistic.

He is an awesome artist who spoils me rotten with super lovely, unique and special artwork.

He made some really special shoes and painted the most perfect headphones for my birthday.

A few days ago I begged him to paint a little Blythe bag for me and as always he didn't disapoint me at all.

He used acrylic paints and sealed everything with clear acrylic to make the usable every day without worring to much.

The bag is 5,5 x 8 x 2,5 inch and made from syntetic leather (no animals where harmed to make this bag).

The dolly bag turned out super cute and the best is he is sharing his art with the whole wide world.

He allowed me to add the bag to my shop.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I have no idea how to name this post so I just thought handmade would be nice since I'm talking about handmade stuff.

My head is always full of ideas but when I'm home from work I'm always to lazy.
I just hang around on my sofa and watch olympics.
In my head I'm working on 100 projects but in real life I have several projects unfinished waiting on my desk.

I keep buying fabrics for my 100 sewing plans. But all I do is folding them nicely and put them in my fabric shelf.
Do you know this problem when there are to many projects flooting in your head and you can't kick your ass to start ?

Gladly I finish some projects...but very slow.
A friend of mine asked for bag since she saw this post. I told her that I would definetly make her one but she has to pay for the fabrics since it's a big bag and good fabrics are not cheap at all.
I gave her the adress of my fave online fabric shop and she picked 3 fabrics.
I ordered them and after the usual one month wait they arrived.

I finished this bag in one day. It's an awesome pattern by i like orange too and pretty easy to follow.
The bag is really big but who doesn't like big bags ?!

Another quick project was this little coaster or wall hanging.
I made it as a little thank you gift.

 I really love those patchwork houses and I have another patchwork house on my to do list. But since I already told you about my long to do list you know this will take forever.

For the christmas in july project I made a postcard bag for my partner Ellen. Ellen is originally from the US and is living and working in Amsterdam.

She really loves to travel so I thought a bag for her postcard and notebook would be nice.
I used some of my fave linen fabrics for the top and the inside pockets are made from a lovely vintage fabric.

The little bird charm matches the style and vintage button so nicely so I had to add it for more cuteness.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Spicing up the kitchen - We are moving

The kitchen is the must ugly room in my home.
It's one of the biggest rooms in the flat but we rarely use it unless we cook or wash the dishes.
We have an awesome big dinning table in the kitchen but refuse to eat there.
The kitchen is to ugly to stay there any longer than we need.

We bought the kitchen second hand when we moved to Göttingen in 2005. The kitchen was already ugly and higly used when we bought it but now the kitchen is falling apart. 
We have to fix sth. nearly every months.

We won't get a new kitchen in the near future since we are not staying that long in Göttingen anymore.
Yeah you heard right.
Mr. artistic will move to another city early 2013. I already told my boss that I don't want a new contract for 2013 so now it's official.
From january 2013 I will be jobless and need to find a new BERLIN !

I'm not sure if you knew but I'm originally from a small city 80 km away from Berlin. Most of my family lives in that area and some school friends are living in Berlin too.

Now we just need to find a job for mr. artistic. I finished university in december 2011 and still didn't find a job. He is turning 32 this year and really need to start working.

But that's another story. Back to our kitchen "problem".
I always wanted to spice up the kitchen since a few months and I added sth. handmade nearly every week. The kitchen is looking more and more cozy but I have to admit that I don't believe that I will ever eat there ;)

I made a quick cover for the washing machine. 
The top of washing machine is getting dirty pretty quick since  it's near the stove. With the new cover I don't need to clean the top of the washing maschine everytime we use the stove. I just need to wash the cover and everything is pretty and clean.

Our toaster was the one on my list. We don't use the toaster every day so it's collecting dust pretty quick. I already had a cover for mr. toaster but it was a really ugly brown one.

When I saw the cute fabrics with the german words (even if the german on the fabrics makes no sense at I knew that I have to buy them to spice up the kitchen.
They are fun and go perfect with a simple linen.

Because I was already in sewing mode I had to make a quick cover for the water boiler as well. I used linen and another fabric with german words.
I really love the look of linen and fabric in my kitchen.
It makes it look fun and fresh.

When I went to fabric shop with my sis two weeks ago we spotted a lightblue tablecloth with white dots.
It was only 3,49 €/m so I had to buy it for the dinning table.

We still use the kitchen only for cooking and washing the dishes. But now we can do this in pretty kitchen.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thank you...the long overdue Post

Today it's time to say THANK YOU !

In the past months I recieved lots of lovely mails from dear friends to cheer me up.
I treasure every gift and I'm getting teary again when I think about all the love and thoughts which were put into these gifts <3

Mo my dear friend from Hong Kong spoilt me with awesome handmade gifts and fun toys.

Wendy my oldest  friend (we met several times in real life already <3 <3 and know each other since 2006 ) from Hong Kong spoiilt me with super yummy candy, my fave tea and an amazing leather handbag in my fave style.

Helen my super fun friend (I always laugh so hard when we chat in real's never getting boring with her) from Hong Kong as well sent my chinese herbs to help to raise my red blood cells and healthy tea.

Christel another old dolly friend from UK spoilt me with super cute snack boxes (which I use daily for work and always get compliments about them) and the most cutest band aid which I'm wearing right now while I type this <3

Natascha hosted a give away on her blog and lucky me won a super cute key chain (which match my bag perfectly) amd a handmade leather bracelet which I'm wearing nearly every day. 

Ellen was my partner at the christmas in july blog and sent some super amazing gifts. It was definetly feeling like christmas when I found the super cute photoframe and the fun cups.

Thank you you so much from the bottom of my heart <3