Monday, February 17, 2014

Sewing for kids

This post is about my latest sewing projects for kids.

My biggest kids project this year was the birthday quilt for my niece. She turned 4 in january.
I have to admit I was very lazy and made a really simple quilt for her.

I used the same fabrics which I just bought for her a few years back.
I already made her lots of stuff out of this fabric for a her room like a bunting, a pillow or a little doll quilt.

I finished the quilt in only 3 days (after work). I used some simple wonky crosses and stars.

As always I quilted it free motion. It's still my fave way of quilting. It's fast and I don't need to measure anything or need to keep an eye to match seams.

It's already the second quilt I made for my niece.
In 2010 I made my first quilt and gifted it to her.
This one is bigger than the first one. It's big enough to cover her little bed but has a very comfy and soft batting so she can cuddle under it .

The backing is a vintage duvet cover which I already used on other quilts before.
The binding was made from the left over fabrics from the top.
I still have a little bit of fabric to make more stuff of her. But hopefully with my next project (christmas 2014) I'm able to use all of it.
I have to admit that I'm not a big fan of these fabrics anymore. So I'm glad when I finally used every little piece.

Last week I got a mail from an ety customer.
She already bought two soft dolls from me and asked for two more as gifts for friends.

I love making these soft dolls. They are fun and cute.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Little patchwork goods

I have always some small patchwork projects going on my sewing room.

They are quickly made and are perfect gifts for friends and co-workers.

Here is a little coaster for a co-workers birthday. I don't know her so well so I went a little all you need gift.

This pillow cover was a friend of mine. Her living room ist mostly green and blue so the colorpallette on this pillow totally match.

For christmas I was invited for a little dinner at my dad friends home. I already made here a few placemats so I went with potholders this time.

A friend of mine asked for a phone puch for herself and a friend of her.
She asked for sth. green for herself and something pink for her friend.

My dad got some placemats this christmas from me. H is not into bright colors so I went with a save dark blue theme. Since dark blue only is a bit boring I had to add a bit of red.

Another one for him (a round coaster for pots) is on my to do list. I have to keep it in mind.

I never had a handmade placemat for myself. So when I made one for my co-worker I hade to make a quick one for me.
I'm using it daily now ;)

I had an old potholder from my grandma. Sadly the fabric on the top was complely torn.
I recycled the padding and made a fresh new one for my kitchen.