Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bubble tea

I discovered my love for bubble tea back in 2010.
 I was the first time in Hong Kong and tryed lots of super yummy things.
The bubble tea was always in my mind and I thought about opening a bubble tea shop in germany.
I knew that there were a few shops in bigger cities in germany but not in the city where I live.
When I went to Singapore with my friend Wendy I bought some tapioka pearls to try it at home.

But like most of the things I bring home I keep them as long as they get rotten. Same happened to the tabioka pearls in my fridge.
Since early this year the bubble tea is entering the whole country. You can find bubble tea shops in every little city at the moment.
In Göttingen where I live opened 3 bubble tea shops this year.

bubble tea with stars
 Sometimes I regret that I didn't try my luck and opened a bubble tea shop. But I'm a lazy girl and I think it would be hard to life from the money of a bubble tea shop back then. Since the shops are everywhere across the country people are used to bubble tea and it's much easier to sell . You don't need to explain the bubble tea to the people (especially the younger ones).
They consume lots of it and like I said you find them nearly everywhere.

 Every time I go shopping I have to make a little stop at the bubble tea shop. Of course it's definetly not the same taste like in Hong Kong.
But everytime I have a bubble tea in my hands I feel a little bit like vacation.
The first months since they popped all out in germany I tryed to avoid bubble tea because I don't want other people think that I jumped on the bandwagon and drink the tea to be IN.

But now I think completly different.
Bubble tea gives me a feeling of vacation.
And that's all I want and need.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Think big

I have to admit that I'm one of these woman who always carry nearly half of their household everywhere they go.
I always buy big bags to store as much as I can.

When I traveled to Hong Kong last autumn I was looking for a bag which is big enough to carry all that stuff I need one plane. The bag needed to be big enough to store my vintage camera, my canon 550 D , my tablet  PC, a pillow for the long flight and other thing a girl really "NEED".

I was very lucky when I found the nikki bag pattern from I like orange.
I ordered the fabric right away but due to the slow postal service it didn't arrive in time.
When I came back the fabric arrived at my doorstep.
Since last year my dream fabric from Aneela Hoey was waiting to be turned into a bag.

But I was't in mood and of course I didn't have time anyway so there was no progress.

Two weeks ago finally I I started the bag and finished it one day later.
Sadly the buttons didn't which I got before I saw the fabric color didn't match the red of the bottom fabric so I had to skip this step.

Originally I planed to add a zipper to have all my stuff safe but since I'm not using the bag on a long trip anymore I skiped this idea.
I just added the pockets inside to hold some small stuff.

The bag is big enough to store all my sewing supplies when I'm travling to the inlaws.

I already bought another bag pattern to make an even bigger stuff to hold some clothes and make up while I travel at the weekends.
But more about this later .

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Oh sunshine

Last friday I went back to work. Gladly friday is always a short day so I left the office quickly after 1 pm.

Mr. artistic and I headed to Hildesheim to spend the long weekend with the inlaws.
The weather is still freaking awesome and I was glad to have a garden for the next days.

Since my MIL had some problems with her back we just did a little bit of shopping on saturday and stayed at home the other two days.

I really wanted to go swimming but durring chemo it's better not to go to public swimming pools.
Sadly there is no lake around the corner so me and mr. artistic came up with fantastic idea.

We set up the little fun pool from our niece....not only for her.

We had an awesome time in the little pool. It was big enough to fit me completly and I used it quiet often.

I wasn't just lazy the long weekend.
I came up with a new quilt idea. I have to admit that I have this quilt in my mind since a few months already but I was just to lazy to do all the cutting.

Nearly 400 squares waiting for me to turn them into sth. good and usefull.

I hope you all enjoyed the first sunny days. 

I did !

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pillow talk

The weather is still to hot to move so I try to keep everything on a min.
This is definetly the best time to blog about my latest patchwork pillows.

When I was working on some holiday projects I started a small block of bow ties made with my fave fabrics.
I planed to turn this into a sketchbook cover but the design didn't stand out enough for a cover.
I set the block aside and worked on it again 3 months ago when I returned from Bad Homburg.

I added a few more bow ties and turned it finally into a new pillow cover for our living room.
Because it's a small project I decided on hand quilting.

The pillow doesn't look very shiny and new anymore because I used it a lot already in the past months.

The second pillow project started while I stayed at the inlaws after surgery.
I needed some fun hand sewing but wasn't in mood to work on the big hexie quilt.

So I pulled some random scraps and took them with me to the inlaws.
I have to admit that I didn't have a plan at all when I started with the hexies.

So I was just sewing them together and ended up with a colorfull stripe of hexies.
When I went home I was looking for background fabric and luckily I had enough of the grey metro circles to make a pillow cover.

I tryed my free motion skills on that pillow and I really like the result.
It's far away from being perfect but it's nice enough to sit on my sofa.

The background fabric is from my stash as well. I was looking for a bigger piece of fabric and found this lovely oldie but goldie.

The burning bears are a bit rude but I love the colors and the print :)

My third pillow was made for a reason.
I wanted a cute pillow for the chemo.
I have to stay at the doctor's office for around 5 hours durring the chemo and I wanted sth comfy and cute.

 When I planed the pillow cover I had a different design in my head but it didn't work with blue and red fabrics.
So I changed my mind and went with wonky crosses instead.

Finally I found a good use for the lovely red newspaper print. I quilted each cross by hand with embroidery thread from my stash.
For the back I used a fun red piggy fabric which I bought in 2008 in Japan.

Today I made the decission that I'm not going to work tomorrow. The weather is to hot and I think it's better to relax than going to stressfull meeting at work.
I'm going back on friday when the weather isn't that hot anymore.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

way to hot seems that we skip spring this year.
The past 4 days it's getting hotter around here.
You can barely move without sweating like crazy.

It's day 5 after Chemo and I'm getting better. I'm still at home but I have plans to go back at work on thursday. Actually I wanted to go back tomorrow but the weather is telling me another story.
Chemo and sun doesn't go well together so it's better to stay indoors and relax.

I have a lot of things on my sewing list but I have no energy to start or to continue working on projects.
In my mind I'm working on several projects but in real life I do nothing than hanging around.

My mood changes every day as well. Sometimes I'm full of hope and sometimes I'm full of anxiety.

On saturday I recieved a lovely mail from Teresa from Singapore.

She surpriced with an awesome crochet collar which goes so nicely with my blue shirt.
It looks even better with styled hair :)

She inclueded a super soft light blue scarf with the cutest print ever. My sis was so kind to model it for me. I was still not feeling well so it was her turn to show you my newesr scarf.
I love colors so so much and I already have the perfect blue shirt to go with it.

Thank you soooo much Teresa for sending me such an awesome surprice <3
Sorry for not being able to link to your website or anything else. There was no card in the box so I need your help.

Monday, May 21, 2012

last night

last night, originally uploaded by crafting with loove.

My sis went back home last night. I won 't be able to see here before july. I totally miss here. The flat is so empty.
I had plans to go back at work but I'm still feeling weak. I will try to go back at work on wednesday.I'm still taking a few pills which keep me away from vomiting.
Right now I don't see any chance to go to the Blythe europe meeting in Berlin. It's one day after Chemo and today I'm at day 4 and don't feel very comfortable or talkactive. I don't that you all want to see a quiet silent Isa all day ?!

Friday, May 18, 2012

first Chemo

first Chemo, originally uploaded by crafting with loove.

I'm getting my first Chemo today. While I'm typing this the Carboplatin & Docetaxel Chemo is going into my body. Gladly my sis is here for a visit so I have someone with me the next 5 hours at the Dr. place.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

no chemo this week

no chemo this week, originally uploaded by crafting with loove.

Sorry for not being around . But since I left the hospital last week I wasn't feeling well.
My wound was infected and I didn't know about it since yesterday.
The past days I had around 38.7 fever sometimes. Now I'm getting antibiotics and I have to go to my surgerun every day to get my wound cleanded.
Sadly it means that I wasn't able to start chemo yesterday. Hopefully next monday my body is ready start with treatment.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Today i escaped again from the hospital.
Usually I'm not allowed to leave the hospital because I still have one drainage.
But I hid the drainage under my cardigan and left that place again.

Yesterday I went she shopping and I found a new head scarf + matching sunglasses.
The nurses already asked for me but my roommate told them that I'm out for a"really big walk".
I even went to my office to weite some work related mails to my boss.

Today mr. artistic and his parents picked me up again and we went for a walk in a nearby park.

I hope that I'm allowed to leave the hospital tomorrow because I want some relaxing days before I start chemo next monday.
The results from the lymph nodes will take a few days. I hope they are free !!!!!