Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sunday, January 27, 2013

You need some spring in your home ?

 I finished a new girl this week and I'm happy to share her with you.
She is an FBL Paris with a Mango scalp.

Since it's cold, grey and rainy in germany I needed a bright project.
The colors on her eyelids really make me happy and keep my away from getting the winter blues.

She is my only smiling girl and I'm pretty sure she will stay the only smiling one ever.
As much as I love working on smiling girls the sad girl are always my faves.

In my stash I found this perfect dress which I made a few years ago. It matches her so well so I had to give it to her <3

If you want to give her a home. Check my ebay auction here.

Monday, January 21, 2013

First swap of this year

I'm taking part at SWAP°PEN auf Deutsch.

It's a fun little german swap group where you make a pillow cover for your secret partner.

Today I pulled out these fabrics.
I plan to mage a flying geese pillow cover with a white or black text background.

What do you think ?

Sunday, January 20, 2013

birthday chevron quilt

This post is long overdue but I was bitten from the TV bug.
The past days I spent in front of the TV and watched all episodes of Breaking Armish and nearly all episodes from Sister wives.
Since I'm jobless I have plenty of time to watch all that stuff I want. Mr. artistic was out of the house for work or sleeping so I had the living room and the big TV for myself.

I know I should aply for new jobs but with that little hair nobody would hire me. I'm a risk for every company so I have to wait untill my hair is long enough.

But that's another story so back to main topic of this post.

Before christmas I finished the birthday quilt for my older sis. She turned 32 in september but sadly I had no time to finish her birthday present.
When we met for christmas holidays I was finally able to give her the present.

Of course her birthday present was a quilt. I love to give handmade and usefull presents to my friends and family.
I knew my sis didn't has a quilt yet so I made a big one for her bed.

The chevron quilt from Jeni was on my to do list for a little while so I was happy to make it for my sis.

I used two different prints from Aneela Hoey. I had two packs of charm packs of "sherbert pips" waiting for a little while but sadly it wasn't enough to make that quilt.
Gladly I still had a charm pack of "a walk in the woods" sitting here. Both fabric collections have nearly the same color sheme so it was not a big deal to combine both.

Because I still needed a few more 5" squares I added a few solids and other matching fabrics.
When I sewed the suares together I noticed that the quality of "a walk in the woods" isn't that great than the quality of "sherbert pips". Did you notice that too ?

The background fabric is one of my fave Kona greys. For the bining I used the cutest fabric from "sherbert pips". I love those scarfs and they make a pretty cute binding.

For the backing I used a vintage sheet which was given to me by my grandma and a little piece of "sherbert pips". 
I'm very happy that I sed it for my sis quilt so the sheet is staying in the family for ever.

Since I had a little bit binding, "sherbert pips" and backing fabric left I had to make a matching pillow.

Today is no time to relax. We have a selection in Niedersachsen (it's a state in the middle of germany) and since I was working for the city I was selected to be one of the electoral assistants.
It means I have to go there around 12 and need to stay untill 8 or 9 pm.  

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bow tie quilt

Since I started quilting I already loved seeing other peoples bow tie quilt.
So it was no question to add this darling quilt on my to do list last year.

This autumn I finally had a reason to make that quilt. My sis turned 27 early december so I wanted something really special for her...something handmade which will remind that she is deeply loved by her big sis ervery time she uses the quilt.

Since my sis is getting a new sofa soon I didn't know which colors would be the best.
So I went with my Denyse Schmidt fabrics which I have for such a long time now.

Working on this quilt was so much fun. It's such an easy pattern but the result is so stunning.
I love how the bow ties form this darling pattern.

I quilted the bow tie quilt in free motion of course. It's quick and the result is always so lovely.
I'm getting better every time I quilt free motion. Sadly I can only quilt those bigger quilts at my MIL's home since my sewing table is to small. At my MIL's home I'm allowed to occupy the dinning table.

For the binding I used several pieces of the Denyse Schmidt fabrics.
The backing is a vintage duvet cover which I bought from ebay especially for the quilt.
In the future I plan to use vintage duvet covers only for the backing. They make perfect backings since they are cheap and I don't need to piece several fabrics.

The left overs from the quilt were made into a matching pinwheel pillow cover.