Monday, October 29, 2012


Today I had a pretty busy day.
I took a day off to get all that stuff done.

I have a bad stomach since a few weeks and taking pills for 1 1/2 week to get rid of the pain..
I went to a few doctors to find out about the reason for my pain.

I'm getting radiation since 4 weeks (daily from Mo till Fr) so I thought that might be the reason.
It's to much stress for my body after the chemo.

Today I got a gastroscopy from my fave doctor.
He is really nice and I don't feel worried (maybe because I already had one 1 year ago and he was so nice back than as well). Of course I choose some sleeping meds during the gastroscopy.
The gastroscopy itself only takes 3 - 4 minutes if they don't take any samples but I really don't want to look in the doctors eyes while he is checking my stomach :)
So I took the sleeping meds and had a good sleep for at least 30 minutes.

Gladly everything turned out to be OK. I just had a gastritis caused from the stress due to chemo and radiation.
The cute cupcakes and the Halloween candy where at at my doctors place.
The nurse backed the cupcakes of the weekend and they decorated the "waking up" place (the place where you stay for a while after you woke up) with Halloween stuff.
This is always a good sign that the chemistry between nurses and the doctors is really nice.
I'm very happy with my doctors.
I have only good ones who are really nice.
And most of them know each other from earlier days when they all worked in different hospitals.
That's always a good sign :)

Since I wasn't allowed to drive a car because of the sleeping meds mr. artistic had to pick me up from the doctors place.
We went out for a late breakfast which was more a lunch for my hubby :)

I have to admit that I broke the rules later today when I took the car to drive to my daily radiation .
I know I'm crazy

Gladly I was able to pick up my new Icy doll today.
She is such a cute doll. Her quality is amazing for that price <3

I will turn her into a custom doll and maybe getting another one if this one turns out cute .

Now I'm getting ready to meet up with my friend Mira to go jogging.

Hope you all had a good start into the new week.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Just a little head

I had a little fake Blythe head floating around for while .
I started to customize the head a few weeks ago while I spent a few days with the inlaws.

 The past weekend finally I found my energy back to finish her.
I had lots of fun with painting the eyelids this time.

 I did her eyelids in two different shades (pink/ yellow) and added some white spots to match her white freckles.
Sadly I wasn't able to put her eyemechanisms bacl properly so she has some little dents on her left eyelid >___<.

I think I love the blue painted eyechips the most so I had to give her a pair too. They go really well with her make up.

Sadly I don't have any spare scalps or domes.
So this little head is looking for a new home without body and hair.

She is coming to you just as a head with her eyemechansism.
She is a perfect base head if you want to build your own doll.
You can decide on your own which haircolor or body suits her best.

I played with my charms a bit and gave her some sparkling pull charms.

If you want to give her home please go ahead and look at her auction.

Monday, October 22, 2012

sunny autumn

The last days we were blessed with the best autumn weather ever.
20°C and a wonderful sunny and blue sky.
I went to the flea market and found a cute plate and a nutcracker.
I went shopping a few times and was able to resist all those cute clothes except for a pair of black booties and a grey skirt.

I took 2 days off to get rid of my paid vacation days at work.

Mira and me
I'm not sure if I talked about this already but I will be jobless at the end of this year.
My current job where I'm working for 7 years already is closing our project.

I'm a bit scared but not really sad at all. I knew this day would come and mr. artistic and I planed anyway to move to Berlin early next year.
Now it's time for job hunting.
I won't start job hunting this year because nobody would give a woman without hair a job..right ?! 
And of course there are no jobs available for next year right now. I'm sure they will be out in the next two months.

Lovely gift from Mira
Since I'm jobless I will be able to have more time for sewing and of course some Blythe fun too.
I can take some comissions starting in january for people who are interessted in getting a custom from me.

Do yo remem,ber my post about the postcard swap ?
I'm getting some lovely postcards every week.

 I got some lovely cards from Austin, Texas from Jessica.

And a lovely mail from Jolana , Czech Republic <3.

And I wasn't completly "uncrafty" at all.
I turned an dessert jar from Aldi into a little lantern.

I made a template from paper, cutted my fabric using the template and glued the fabric with tacky glue on the little jar. 
Done !

Now I have to eat more of the yummy dessert to make more little lanterns.
It's the best excuse to buy sweets.

Sadly I don't enjoy sweets at the moment since my stomach is not feeling well >__< 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

First baby quilt

The past weekend I finished my first baby quilt.
I always wanted to make one because they small and easy to make.

So I agreed when my sis aked me to make a baby quilt for a friend of her.

Her friend is expecting her first baby boy in the neyt days so I'm glad that I finished everything in time.

I decided for the lattice baby quilt pattern from moda bake shop. It's a lovely and fun pattern and shows the fabrics so well.

Since it's a baby boy my sis and I decided on blue and yellows. I came up with the idea to sash the fabrics in a brown Kona.
First I wanted to go with white but it's maybe not the best idea for a baby who might drool on the blanket ?!

All the blue and yellow fabrics came from my stash. I have tons of cute japanese imports who were waiting for a project like this in the fabric shelf.

For the backing a bought a super cute flannel to keep the baby warm. Sadly after the first wash the back of the fabric looked like this.

It looked like a blanket which was washed more than 100 times ?! 
Did you ever have the same problem with your fabrics ?
I was really sad when I found the quilt like this in my washing machine. Since it's a gift for a person I don't know in person I wanted it to look super neat.
I spent ages to get rid of all the lint . Sadly I wasn't able to remove everything so it's still looking not 100 % perfect (what drives me really mad). Gladly my sis said that she still wants the blanket since she wants to give her friend sth. special and handmade.
I made already a few other things for her friend so I'm hoping she will like the blanket like the other stuff I made before.

The binding is a lovely yellow striped fabric from my stash. I used the same fabric for the label .
Sadly I didn't know the name of the baby boy so I had to write the names of the parents on the quilt.

This is already quilt Nr. 8. I'm so proud and there are still a few more waiting to be made and finished.

But now sth. off topic.
Do you remember this post ?

Lots of lovely people contaced me and yesterday I recieved my first postcard.
Amber was so cute to send her fave chocolate and a lovely handmade coaster together with her postcards.

I'm over the moon and I can't wait to add these postcards to my wall <3.
Thank you so much again Amber !!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New outfit sets for Blythe

It's time for a little shop update .

A few new Blythe clothes sets are ready and waiting to find a new owner.

They come in different colors and I addes a few nautical ones too.

Monday, October 8, 2012


Saturday turned into one of my fave days.

Usually I would just goo to our local supermarket (with comfy and ugly clothes since not many people would see me) and stay the rest of the weekend indoors.

But since a few weeks I go out for a  walk and a little shopping with my friend Mira every saturday.

I really like to start my weekend like this.

Dressing pretty...

...since I spent more time outside and lots of people will see me .

Buy fresh veggies and fruits at the local farmers market.... turn these into a yummy soup.

Entering nearly every second hand shop.... find cute stuff like the belt and the doll.
Sadly the belt is to small to use for my pants.

The shirt was found on sale in one of my fave shops for only 16 €.

There is always some time for sewing.... long as my cat is not using the quilts as a bed.

I loooove my saturdays like this.
So perfect and simple.
But full of fun.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

summer sampler Quilt - the final

I really can't believe it but the summer sampler quilt is finally done.

Do you remember this, this and this post ??!

Today I'm blogging the last time about this quilt since we final reached our goal. It's done !

It took me over a year and I nearly gave up on this project. But now I'm proud to say that I finished my long term project. OK I still have to quilt my second long term project  (the hexagon quilt) but that's another story.

Right now I will just enjoy seeing pics of this quilt. It's hard to see all the different blogs when it's sitting on my bed.
I quilted this this quilt free motion. It's my fave way of quilting for big quilts because it's fast and I don't to fight to hard with all the fabric under my sewing machine.
For the binding I used two different stripy fabric in pink and turquois.
The backing is made from different flannel fabrics which I bought just for this project (except for the tiny blue stripe which is an old flannel from my mom).

The quilt is huge so I needed 4 helping hands to take a proper pic of this quilt.
Gladly my hubby and my friend Mira helped me out .

Ignore the outfits of these two lovely people. We just came back from jogging so all of us were still in sport clothes.

Right now I'm working on baby quilt for my sister and another huge quilt using Jeni's chevron quilt tutorial.
Bot tops are done and waiting to be basted and quilted.
I might work on the baby quilt tomorrow since it's a public holiday and I want to finish both projects quickly to have my head free for other things.