Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Review #3 - April 2014

Time for another review.
I was hoping to get these reviwes done a bit earlier but at least I try to keep myself motivated to document the last year.

April was still the month of our Tokio vacation. As I already told you a few blog posts ago my hubby and I spent two amazing weeks in Tokyo. It's our favourite destination and I would go twice a year if I had the money.
But I'm happy as long as we are able to once a year.

Hubby and I looove it to wander around the city and explore the city while walking. Mostly we skiped the public transportation and walked 3 or for 4 JR stations.
It's the best way to see lots of the city and discover interessting places aside from the tourist areas.

At the end we walked more than 200 km in less than 2 weeks. Both of my good leather shoes didn't survive and I came home with two pairs of broken shoes.

Durring the vacation I worked every night on our travel book. Mostly it took me 2 hours each night to document our adventures. We printed photos around the corner of the hotel and I glued everything We ate, saw and found durring the day.

I have to admit that this book is the best I ever made (and I'm makig these books since a few years now). Getting the pics printed right after each day really makes a difference in the outcome of the final travel book.

Just after our vacation easter was just around the corner.
I visited my sis and dad and stayed a few days in Berlin.

The weather started to get better and I was able to go mountain biking for the first time of my life.
I love riding my bike (which is a very comfy old beach cruiser) but mountain biking is not my cup of tea.
Most of the trip I was just afraid to hurt myself.

But at the end we had a yummy cold beer mix which was so refreshing .

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Review 2#

Since I didn't blog a lot last year I will start 2015 with a little review of the past year.
So in my next blog posts I will show you a little bit of my 2014 life.

In the last post (yesterday) I already gave you a little update of my Tokyo vacation in march 2014.
But Tokyo wasn't the only thing in march.

Sadly I don't have lots of pretty pictures (since mostly I just took snap shoots with my moblie phone) for march but at least I will be able to give this post (and some other posts of 2014 -> coming the next days) a little bit of fun and spark.

In march I rediscovered my love for sewing human clothes (the past years I mostly made doll clothes).
It all started with a male friend of mine who told me that he has a sewing machine and that he would love to learn how to sew.
I showed him how to use his machine (and did a pretty good job...untill today) and thought that I might sew something for myself too.
We went to the fabric market which is touring in germany every year and I got some pretty fabrics.

I made a few new fun shirts.

In the past years I found some lovely thrift stores in my city. And when I'm not traveling at the weekend I check the shops every saturday with a friend.

I'm very easy to please in thrift stores. Just give me some cool earclips or tableware and I'm the happiest girl on earth.

The march was also for sewing.

I made a cute little pillow cover for my new vintage chair. I used the fabrics which I got from my friend Wendy as a birthday gift.

So this was my march.
What do you think ?
Still interessted in reading more about my last year ?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Long time no see

Hey folks,

I'm still alive. I can't believe that it's nearly a year since I blogged here the last time.

Last year was a very happy year for me. I wa busy with vacation, friends, summer and of course some crafty things too.

But lets start with march 2014.

It was the first vacation of 2014.
Hubby and I went to Tokyo again.

We spent two amazing weeks in the sunny (and sometimes rainy) Japan.
We saw lots of blooming cherry trees and ate so much yummy food.

We went to Kamakura and found a lovely temple near the beach.
For me it was the most rememberable moment of this vacation.
This temple was hidden in the woods and there were no people beside of us.

We are not sure if we are able to again this year.
But secretly I still hope for another Japan vacation in spring.

By the there still anyone out there reading this little blog.
Or is everybody gone after being away for a year ?