Friday, December 13, 2013

christmas schedule

Only less than 2 weeks and christmas is here.
My days untill christmas are completly filled with appointments, work and meeting friends.

Especially when me and mr. artistic leaving for our family visits in one week.

But before I'm rushing to work I would like to share my latest work.

I made this little earstud frame a few weeks ago because I wanted a place to showcase my earstuds and of course to make it easier to choose each day.

These earstud frames where made as little surprise gifts for friends.

After one year half finished in my sewing space these christmas coasters are finally done and in a good use in our home.

Every year a new christmas pillow cover this is my new goal for every year patchwork wise.
Last year I made the dresden pillow cover on the left and this year I tried the deear paper piecing pattern.
Definetly worth all the work but I definetly need a new inlay :)

Christmas without baking is not working for me. I had some reese cups from earlier this year  so I had to use them.
Sadly reese cups are hard to get and super expensive in germany so I treasure my reese cup cookies a lot <3

I'm glad that I finished at least one christmas present already.
It's a big swimming bag for my MIL.
I hope she will like it.

Tissue bags are always a fun and quick gift.
So I made a few more just in case I need a gift.

Sadly I have to stop writing.
I need to rush to work :(

Thursday, December 5, 2013

The pants

For all of you who are asking about the pattern for the pants...

...I used this pattern. It's written in german but easy to understand when you know a little bit about sewing.

I hope it helps :)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Crazy christmas sewing

The past 2 weeks I was busy with sewing clothes again.

When I started sewing in 2006 I mostly worked on clothes for myself.
My interessts changed often but since I a few weeks I really enjoy sewing clothes for myself.

It started with a wonderful christmas fabric which I found for bargain in my local fabric store.

Only 3,90 € for meter. I had to get this fabric.
I took one of my favourite sweaters from H&M and took the pattern from this oversized sweater.

I took my good old serger out I ended up with this fun christmas related sweater.
The fabric is very soft and it's so cozy so I went back to buy some more.

Sadly it was sold out in all colors but I found another great fabric.
So the second sweter was born.

Since I had a little bit of fabric left over I was looking for another quick and fun pattern.
I found an easy pattern for pants and bought is right away.

The pants are very comfy which is very important when you work with kids.
The pattern had a long version too so I tryed it with a very soft fake suede.

A friend of mine liked my christmas sweater so much and the cute christmas fabric was back in stock.
This time I pocked the cream fabric. 

I loved the fabric so much that I needed sth. out of the fabric too.
Of course I made.....pants .

Now to the last sweater.
I used fabric which I bought 7 years ago.
Finally I turned it in sth. great.

I hope you are not sick seeing pants and sweaters only.
But I'm so happy with my new clothes so I had to share .